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Thread subject: Rothiemurchus - first return migration almost complete :)
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 06/03/11 07:09 pm I believe this is the first satellite tracked juvenile ever to return to the UK - Tiger will know for sure. I've hardly dared check on Rothie's progress until now, but today's note from Roy Dennis has cheered me up no end.

I've been feeling pretty deflated by the LotL nest failure, but this is some much more positive news - link

martyc35 06/04/11 03:22 pm That is fantastic. Thanks for letting us know.
Tiger 06/04/11 05:24 pm Hi Anne. He is the first British juvenile to carry a working transmitter to Africa and back. Other birds like 06 (01) from Rutland in 2002, carried a working transmitter to Portugal and back. Also SSK from 2002 carrried a defunct transmitter to Portugal and back many times.

Fantastic news. You might like to read my thread on Rothiemurchus Here
Anne-UK1 06/04/11 05:32 pm Thanks Tiger - I knew you'd know. I'll try to find their pages on the Rutland site when I've some time, though I have a nasty feeling that may be the same 06 that went missing, presumed shot, last year :(

Back to the positive though, it's going to be fascinating to see where Rothie spends his time this summer.
Tiger 06/05/11 04:44 am Hi Anne. no 06 (01) was female. 06 (00) was the male feared shot last year.

All the Rutland pages have now disappeared. I do have records though.
Celeste 06/05/11 05:37 am Please update me Anne or Tiger on the Loch of Lowes nest failure. I really haven't had much opportunity to keep on top of things so far this season. I tried looking for info but I can't spend to much time right now. I just looked in and there is nesting going on as far as I can determine.
Anne-UK1 06/05/11 06:08 pm Thanks Tiger - I do find the numbering system very confusing. I know some people think it's wrong to name wild birds, but it does make it a lot easier to remember who is who.

Celeste, I think today is day 47 for the 3rd egg. Marge and 7Y are still incubating all three eggs, but I imagine it won't be too much longer before they realise there will be no chicks to look after this year. Very sad :(

What we don't know is whether the eggs weren't viable to start with, or if the spell of cold wet weather they had up there a few weeks back is to blame - apparently other nests have also failed this year, so it may not be down to Marge's age. At least she's had plenty of rest and food to set her up for migration this autumn, but it's going to be a long wait to see if she comes back again next year.
Celeste 06/06/11 05:23 am Oh my! She's been "my" special osprey for a while, and I haven't had a chance this year to really watch and follow her. You are so right about the "long wait". I did think yesterday it was odd that she appeared to be nesting.
Thanks Anne!
Anne 06/06/11 06:25 am Whoops, Rothimurchus nearly gave us heart failure when he decided to fly north over the Orkney Islands on Friday. Fortunately he must have realised that the Orkneys are no good for Ospreys, being largely treeless and set in dangerously rough waters, as he has now returned to the mainland and is exploring.
Anne-UK1 06/06/11 09:36 am Celeste, it makes me really sad to see these two still devotedly incubating those eggs. They deserved a better year than this, but that's nature I guess.

I was hoping these two would be selected to foster one or all of the Rutland eggs from the nest that was abandoned by the female after the male went missing, but if that was going to happen it would have done by now I'm sure.

I've never noticed so much soft bedding material in this nest, I always think of it as a very "sticky" one which never looks hugely comfortable for little chicks. I wonder if 7Y's enthusiasm for making it so well padded has worked against them, holding water in rather than letting it drain away. LG must have had very similar weather, but their eggs hatched okay (two of them anyway). Laid at the same time as Marge's.
Anne-UK1 06/06/11 09:41 am Anne, I think Rothie's adventures are going to be fascinating. I'm glad he realised it wouldn't be wise to go any further north! I wonder how close he got to his home nest on that trip, and how close he may come over the next few weeks.

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