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Thread subject: My Blackwater Visit!
Name Date Message
Kelly 06/07/11 09:50 am I spent the last 2 weeks in the U.S. visiting a friend in New Jersey. We made a road trip to Charlotte, North Carolina and on the way back to New Jersey (May 30th), we stopped off at Blackwater. It was quite late in the evening when we arrived and the sun had just gone down so picture opportunties were limited, plus everytime we stepped out of the car, we were eaten alive! Hadn’t realized how close the osprey nest was to the roadway, but respected the sign to not go beyond the barrier :) I had a vague idea where the eagles’ nest was but it was too dark to clearly see much of anything.

Sorry, Lisa, was hoping to get there much earlier in the day and look you up â€Â¦ seriously underestimated the driving time! Another time perhaps :))) BTW: congrats on the 3 chicks!


Osprey nest A

Osprey nest B

Cam nest pic 1

Cam nest pic 2

Juvenile eagle
Anne 06/07/11 11:21 am Wow that's some trip Kelly. Thanks for the photos, they help build up a picture of the area.
Pam 06/07/11 11:58 am Gives an idea of how big the place is. Insects are a problem everywhere at this time of year. Thanks Kelly.
DaisyG 06/07/11 02:30 pm Those are brilliant! Thanks Kelly. So pleased you had such a great time :)
Nancy L 06/07/11 02:35 pm Enjoyed the photos, Kelly.
Thanks. You know, Long Island's not too far from New Jersey!
FOB Webmaster 06/07/11 02:43 pm So glad you got to visit, Kelly!

I'm a long-distance volunteer, so I wouldn't have been there when you came. I visit about 10 times a year, but I actually live north of the refuge -- about 2 hours away.

Glad you got to see the ospreys and eagles. And yes, the cam nest is pretty close to the road. Fortunately the osprey parents learn to accept people, as long as they don't go down that access road. :-)
Marie 06/07/11 04:16 pm Good for you Kelly, It is great to create more of a visual picture for us from other people's pics. Thanks for sharing. So nice to see so many nests on artificial poles. This is one area that Man has for once been exemplary in helping Nature. I know there are many other areas too, but I wonder if the bad things we do to Nature tips the balance on a scale, if good versus evil is measured and weighed.
Anne-UK1 06/07/11 05:54 pm Great pics Kelly. Glad you had a good time - apart from the insects!
Kelly 06/07/11 07:34 pm LOL Nancy ... but Halifax is far from New Jersey. Long Island is definitely on the itinerary for another time! In fact, one is being worked on now as we speak :)))
Celeste 06/08/11 06:45 am Glad you had a wonderful time Kelly! Wow, definitely a long trip!

Ah yes, eaten alive. Just thinking of Wertheim this time of year makes me run for cover!
Tiger 06/08/11 08:35 am Fantastic Kelly. Good job your host likes ospreys :)
Kelly 06/08/11 08:49 am Funny you should say that, Tiger. He is actually an eagle lover; and, as we all know, ospreys and eagles dont' exactly get along! But so far it seems to be working :)
Nancy L 06/08/11 01:16 pm I love to take people on auto tours of eastern Long Island, hint, hint.

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