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Thread subject: 3rd Chick At Dyfi...Ospreys Continue to Amaze
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/07/11 11:27 am There was a third chick at Dyfi this morning. These birds continue to amaze.

I do not have time to try to explain just now but Daisy may be able to.
Anne-UK1 06/07/11 11:30 am Are you closer to the nest than we are Tiger? Lucky you! Looking forward to detailed reports when you get the time.
Tiger 06/07/11 12:11 pm Well I was there for 6 days but I am now back home. You can follow the Dyfi Ospreys Here
DaisyG 06/07/11 01:38 pm Cors Dyfi is a two and a half to three hour drive from where I live Anne. Tiger and I had carefully planned this trip, staying in a little village near Machynlleth, five miles from the Dyfi Project, knowing that there could be a possible hatching on any one of those dates. We visited frequently plus keeping up with any news online via laptop and netbook. We were just about giving up hope on the morning of Sunday, 5th, the last day of our stay, when things started to get very exciting indeed! Ems had reported earlier that Nora was getting rather fidgety, Monty was sticking close by and they had brought in more soft bedding material.

In the late morning a dent/hole appeared in one of the eggs! Nora very gently loosened the shell around where the chick's egg tooth had broken through, something we have never been priveleged enough to see before now, and then settled down to brood again. We had planned on going to Dyfi after lunch but thankfully decided to call in there first. Needless to say, we stayed put and didn't go for a quick 'lunch' until around 3pm, then came straight back. Even more exciting was the fact that a hole had also appeared in a second egg! Quite a crowd had gathered by this time and we were all glued to the monitor, spellbound, shrieking at Nora or Monty when they obstructed our view of the hatching they did frequently! :) As you can imagine, the whole mood of the place, since seeing that first chip in the egg, was electric! Magical!

We could see the second chick moving inside the egg but this hatching was much slower than the first and didn't complete until the following morning. Meanwhile, after taking a turn at brooding the hatching eggs, (which we we found quite surprising and very endearing, having found from past experience of watching webcams it has usually been the female that did all the brooding once the eggs start hatching) Monty had finally gone fishing and was due back any time. We never did see him coming back with a fish as it turned out to be later in the evening, but we did have fantastic views of the new hatchling...which seemed huge by now, I am sure they inflate after coming out of the egg! :)

We had convinced ourselves that the first egg to be laid had failed due to chilling for hours at a time in the coldest part of the night so today's news was a real WOW! I am so thrilled for Ems, Janine and all the Dyfi team...and for ourselves. Wonderful, wonderful time. Wouldn't have missed it for the world and so lovely to hear that Monty has continued to take a turn at brooding the much so that Nora had the devil of a job getting him off them today so she could give them a feed! :)
Nancy L 06/07/11 02:31 pm Wonderful story, Daisy. Lucky you to be there at the right time!
DaisyG 06/07/11 02:49 pm Yes we really were Nancy. Ems has put on videos of the hatching and of the first chick falling over backwards belly up :) We were there for that. Have you seen them?
martyc35 06/07/11 03:22 pm Wow. I know TWO worldwide web celebs, not to mention the soon to be famous Nora, Monty, and their three offspring. Watching the video clips was a lot of fun, and the close-ups made me even more respectful of the job the parents do, and how careful they must be with those talons and hooked bills. It's practically a miracle that any little ones survive at all.
Pam 06/07/11 04:44 pm What a great time you had Daisy. They are doing what comes naturally aren't they? I saw them on Springwatch this evening.
Anne-UK1 06/07/11 05:47 pm Daisy, that makes great reading. Talk about cutting it fine - those chicks just wanted to catch you out I reckon :)

Has anyone ever known a male to brood chicks before? I wonder if he's just confused, being a first time dad or if it does sometimes happen. (Do they know how old he is - I'm assuming he's around 5 as he's been at this site for a couple of years.)
Tiger 06/07/11 08:24 pm I personally have not seen a male osprey brood chicks before.

There is a suggestion that Monty might be the chick which fledged from a Welsh nest in 2004. That would make him nearly 7 years old. Mind you that is pure speculation. No one really knows.

Monty appeared at Dyfi two years ago. So he could be five years old.
cathy 06/08/11 01:35 am Ospreys are so fascinating! How great that you joined other osprey fans for hatching time.
Celeste 06/08/11 06:42 am Loved your story! What a great adventure you both had!
Didn't our Dennis brood chicks from time to time? I seem to remember in the early hours of the morning Betty leaving and Dennis brooding...with all the nests we watch and watching our nest a while ago....etc:-)
Anne 06/08/11 08:27 am Thank you for that great story Daisy. I saw Tiger's account on FB and he sounded just as thrilled. Its fantastic that two devoted Osprey fans got to witness such a special event.

Its a pity that this cam is not on the web as the quality on Springwatch and on the utube recordings is brilliant.
Tiger 06/08/11 08:34 am Anne what was particularly good was that we had front row seats. Mind you on Sunday morning we were getting a bit desperate. Just shows how misery can turn quickly to joy.
DaisyG 06/08/11 12:45 pm Yes what you saw in the videos we saw on a huge monitor of excellent quality and as Tiger has said, we were right near the screen. Not only did we get the live view but also, on another equally large monitor (there is a bank of 4 monitors in total) got action replays of all the best bits care of Ems! It really was brilliant.
Nancy L 06/08/11 01:13 pm Yes, I saw all the videos, Daisy. So cute. And Celeste, I also think Dennis had done some occasional brooding.
martyc35 06/08/11 02:29 pm I seem to remember that Dennis did some babysitting, too, but the closest I could find was a pic of him alone on the nest with the new 2007 babes. He wasn't brooding at that point, but he was being a good dad:
Here he is with the first chick to hatch, May 26, 2007:
Tiger 06/08/11 02:52 pm Well here was the thinking in 2009. See Dennis booding chicks?
martyc35 06/08/11 03:55 pm Nothing very conclusive about that, and those were two different dads, as I recall. Perhaps there is no answer to that one.
Marie 06/13/11 12:15 pm How exciting is that! Glad you Tiger and Daisy shared some wonderful moments with the Ospreys.

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