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Thread subject: Pale Male and Lima's Babies
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/10/11 03:45 am The latest video of Pale Male and Lima babies

Not sure pigeons or squirrels would like it mind you! :)
Shelley 06/10/11 06:56 am Oh my, soooo cute! Is this the first brood in how many years??
Tiger 06/10/11 08:03 am Shelley it is the first brood since 2004. BTW if you look at the side of the screen you see previous videos.
martyc35 06/10/11 01:43 pm When they said it had been an empty SIX years, I nearly fell out of my chair, thinking, gosh, and I've been watching them for even longer than that. Makes me feel even older. Palemale is still my desktop wallpaper, and I doubt that will change.
Anne-UK1 06/11/11 05:40 pm What pretty chicks. Their plumage looks smoother and softer than ospreys feathers, and so steady on their feet studying the world below. I suppose that's because they hunt in an entirely different way from ospreys - quite fascinating to see and compare with what I'm used to.
Tiger 06/11/11 07:11 pm Here are all the videos together. See videos of Pale Male, Lima and the chicks

also a thread I have on the topic over at RSPB. See Pale Male....The Miracle Has Happened
Anne-UK1 06/12/11 08:28 am Thanks Tiger. That should help pass a rainy afternoon :)
martyc35 06/12/11 02:01 pm There's an interesting video up today, showing PM with a pigeon he had caught, and while he takes a few minutes to decide when to fly back to the nest with it, locals and tourists are heard commenting and questioning, and it's clear that some of them don't even know he is a hawk, let alone what kind.
I just don't get today's society. I would never travel to any location without first doing a ton of research to find out what to watch for. Do people just get on a plane and land in NYC, expecting nothing or everything but not knowing what to expect? I suppose they look up where to go for tickets to Late Night with David Letterman. Probably don't even know where to get authentic NY pizza. Well, at least one onlooker knew about PM and the nest and the babies and was able to inform the rest.
Tiger 06/12/11 02:50 pm Oh Marty thank you ever so much. That is absolutely great.
Marie 06/12/11 08:56 pm Those videos are so cute...

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