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Thread subject: A Hello Glimpse of Betty & Dennis today!
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/11/11 02:26 pm My husband and I were doing a bit of antiquing out East, and on the way home we stopped at Wertheim. Actually we went down Beaver Dam Road to the boatyard. It's a misty cloudy cool day today and it was starting to shower when we got there. With binoculars, I saw "our" nest and I could see a parent standing and bending down towards the nest bowl either feeding or tending to the nest. I thought I could get a better view closer to the nest, but everything is overgrown and I just couldn't get a view from the road to take a photo, actually I couldn't even see the nest because of trees and bushes in the way. I did see the Wertheim fence on the land near the Compound, that now borders the area, with a sign that said this end is closed. At this point, those who kayak in the area get the best view. There was also an osprey fishing .
I did say a hello to both osprey from all of you!:-)
Pam 06/11/11 04:21 pm A bit disappointing for you Celeste but at least you saw the nest. Must have brought back happy memories of your visits with the DPOF group and meeting Betty. At least you have that to treasure. Oh well....I suppose everything has to change eventually...shame though.
martyc35 06/11/11 05:04 pm Thank you for going, and thank you for telling us about it. With all the memories and saved pics, etc., it is still stirring to hear first-hand accounts.
Nancy L 06/11/11 05:04 pm And I'm sure if you got any closer, the mosquitoes would have gotten you good!
Anne-UK1 06/11/11 05:36 pm Oh Celeste - you must have had mixed emotions seeing our nest. Thanks for saying hello from all of us!

It's reassuring to know osprey life goes on just the same even though we can't look in any more. I've often wondered about the house and who lives there now - I assumed it would be Dennis and Betty's daughter?
Celeste 06/11/11 06:31 pm I definitely did have mixed many memories, but as you say osprey life does go on. I saw the picnic table and benches stacked looking old and discarded and remembered our first meeting there sitting around the table with our wine and cheese with Mrs. Puleston and meeting David Gessner for the first time. I remember fondly Betty having a hard time cutting a piece of cheese with the plastic knives that Cec and I brought and I offered to help, but she said, "no thank you", and whipped out her own pocket knife!. :-) Watching that nest from that distance made me long for the sounds we used to hear on the cam, the red wing blackbirds, the sounds of the train, and those mystery animals we saw running through the bush! While I was there I was hearing those blackbirds, drove over the track and did hear the chirp of an osprey as soon as I got out of the car! And how can we forget the wonderful music that was played when Betty had a birthday?
Meeting friends personally here on Long Island and friends that I keep in touch with that live far way, was and is the best gift that nest gave to me! Sweet, sweet memories!
Tiger 06/11/11 07:07 pm Celeste I remember how you used to quote from Poole quite often. Well I was giften one in the last two weeks. I must get down to reading it.
Celeste 06/11/11 07:34 pm That's great Tiger! The Poole Bible is hard to come by here! My copy came from Canada, and I believe Cec's copy came from the UK! I have to take a look at it myself, as it has been a while and as you know, these cams have sort of rewritten a lot of things about osprey.
Shelley 06/11/11 08:57 pm Thanks, Celeste.

Is the house occupied now? I would hate to think it abandoned...
Anne 06/12/11 07:36 am You've brought back such memories - - - - thank you Celeste.
Nancy L 06/12/11 11:21 am The house is not 'abandoned.' Dennis & Betty's daughter & husband live nearby 'on the property' & the yard is kept up
Shelley 06/12/11 03:42 pm Thanks, Nancy. That is good to know! :-)
Marie 06/12/11 07:53 pm Such soulful memories Celeste...must have been quite the visit for you. Glad to know the house is still watched over and B and D's family are close by. I wonder what drama the two ospreys on the nest this year experienced....we will never know.!
Thank you Celeste for sharing and reminding us all of the great viewing we once had and shared.
Melanie 06/13/11 10:20 am I'm itching just thinking about it!

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