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Thread subject: Decorah
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/11/11 09:02 pm Anyone following there? I didn't check in today because I was mostly out of the house but yesterday I saw much flapping and a pair of feet dangling as one of them got some lift. The site says fledge could be any time now!
Anne-UK1 06/12/11 08:27 am I looked in yesterday Shelley. All looking good but I see they've still not got the camera angle sorted. I wonder what happened there - something they can't fix until the nest is empty I guess.

I checked up on the Norfolk eaglets yesterday too. All three doing well and learning to fly (though one has apparently fractured its shin bone so is in isolation to rest up until that heals). A new flight pen is being constructed for them and their future should be bright :)
Shelley 06/12/11 09:44 am Actually, I thought the camera angle looks better today than it has for ages. Until very recently, it had been zoomed in too much so that you couldn't see any of the road, or even the entire nest. The view of the eaglets was too close, and cut-off. Right now, it is pulled back, you can see the whole nest and I can see that mama is there, too, right now. I prefer it this way, and it's always nice when they pan slowly so we can see all around. Especially now, when they are testing their wings, it is nice to have a long view
Anne-UK1 06/12/11 06:29 pm I've still got the close in view, but I wonder if I happen to look in at the wrong times. I found a discussion forum a few weeks back and from what I gathered they've two cameras, one that pans and one that's static, and the static one seems to be stuck in the close up position. I could be completely wrong of course - not sure they would have two cams.

I see one and a half chicks on the nest at the moment. I guess number three is hiding around the corner, but they must be very close to fledging now.
Marie 06/12/11 08:01 pm I watch every day for a is amazing how quickly they have grown...also I noticed how HOT it was last week...80-90 degrees in that area. Poor things...they were very hot! This w/e it is better weather and cooler. 50-60's.

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