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Thread subject: Decorah fledge
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 06/20/11 05:34 pm One juvie sitting out on a branch right now, surveying the big wide world - Pic
Shelley 06/20/11 06:06 pm Actually, I saw 2 on that branch for much of the weekend. I think the third is still in the nest because I saw some wings flapping on the lower right of the screen. But admittedly, I wasn't indoors for much of the weekend so I don't know for sure.
Anne-UK1 06/20/11 06:15 pm Shelley, I see two now, side by side now. Good news :) They're noisy little devils though aren't they! Ah, now I see why - a parent has just arrived. I guess some food's been delivered to the nest as they weren't slow in heading home.
Lyn 06/21/11 03:07 pm So far all three have been out on a couple of the branches, and seldon just hop to the nest. They flit from one branch to another.
Anne-UK1 06/21/11 06:06 pm Thanks Lyn. So does this count as proper fledging or is it an in-between stage?

I like the view we're getting now - I guess owls nest in those barns.
Lyn 06/21/11 06:10 pm Was wondering the same thing. Does the branch to branch and nest count as true fledging!? Jim and I have the nest on most of the day, so have been lucky enough to watch them grow.
Lyn 06/23/11 03:19 pm Think the Decorah eaglets have fledged, ad they haven't been seen on the nest, nor even the usual branches they went to at first. The camera operator hasn't panned the area in awhile, so can't tell if they're on other branches or not. Haven't even heard they're usual low squeeks and squawks since earlier today.
Shelley 06/24/11 06:34 am I just tuned in now and the cam is on the branches only, can't even see the nest. No eaglets visible. The message says that the date for shutoff of the cam has not yet been determined.
Anne-UK1 06/24/11 05:47 pm One on the branch at the moment. I wonder - do they still come to the nest for food?

The cam message now says it will keep running so long as they still see birds, so I guess they expect the youngsters to still be close by for a while.
Marie 06/27/11 12:57 am Eaglets have to be good at being ' Branch Managers ' before they take to the air roughly 7-10 days. A true fleging occures when they just circle the first time their nest tree and try to land. Often it is a crash landing, since they may not chose a substantial limb to take their weight, roughly 12-14 lbs or more. The eaglets are often bigger than their parents when fledging.
Anne-UK1 06/27/11 05:20 am Thanks Marie. So these three will soon be off into the big wide world :)
Anne-UK1 06/29/11 05:42 pm Still hanging around - Pic

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