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Thread subject: Carmans/DPOF Pictures Sun. June 26
Name Date Message
terryo 06/26/11 03:50 pm All is well in the land of Carmans River Critters including our beloved ospreys. Saw 7 adults either in nest with chicks or flying around and 5 chicks in 3 nests. Our DPOF nest has 2 chicks who look healthy as did Betty, the ever present mom. After I took the pictures from my kayak I went to the boat house and chatted briefly with Jim Clements, Jen's hubby. They were cleaning out the barn and putting farming equipment back in the barn. Jen asked if I wanted to get a better view from the hay loft in the barn but I declined as what I really need is a 500mm super telephoto lens vice a 250mm lens. Someday, someday. They're very nice people and I love her alpaca's, they so gentle. Anyway double click to enlarge pictures, captions are at bottom of each one.

Anne-UK1 06/26/11 04:17 pm Thanks Terry :)
Pam 06/26/11 04:27 pm Looks so peaceful. Very nice photos. The ranch looks so neat.
Tiger 06/26/11 05:06 pm Makes me sad that life goes on but we can no longer know about it! :(
martyc35 06/26/11 05:13 pm Very nice, Terry. It looks lovely out there right now. So glad you got to see the farm again, too. Thank you.
Trishrg 06/26/11 09:44 pm Fantastic!!! What a joy to see the nest.
Thanks so much Terry!
Love the alpacas!
Marie 06/27/11 12:47 am Those are awesome nice to see the nest active. Sweet animals those Alpacas...
Celeste 06/27/11 06:09 am Really made my day Terryo! Thank you, thank you!!!!!
Lyn 06/27/11 01:53 pm Terry, thanks for the photos and updates on the current goings on. I pop in here and check out what's happening, and was so glad to see the photos of our nest and Osprey.
Melanie 06/27/11 10:49 pm you can tell they've just been shorn. I wonder who gets their wool . . . .
Tim P 06/28/11 08:34 am Thanx for the update Terry. Pete Clement is Jens husband. I think she sells the wool or might have supplied some of it to a sewing club I donate my sheep wool to. I know she is using some of my black wool to mix with Buffalo. Had Jen & Pete to my animal therapy program in may.
cathleen 06/28/11 09:33 am Thanks, Terry. I loved seeing the shots, and especially of the DPOF nest. From the photos, I could imagine the sights and sounds from the cam, holographically reproduced in memory from our collective experience over the years.
terryo 06/28/11 01:02 pm Tks for the correction Tim, thought you were trying to pull the wool over my eyes lol. Hey whatever happened to N.F. Bob, haven't followed Rob's site for a while now.
DaisyG 06/29/11 04:03 am Thanks for the lovely pics Terry, enjoyed them very much.
Sad that we can no longer share Betty and Dennis's lives on cam but so good to know all is well with them.
Tim P 06/29/11 11:45 am Terry: No love for north fork bob this year.He returned home safely, his data shows experience in making the trip. He is without a mate this year doing the solo thing. Looking forward to see if he winters in the same spot he was last winter. Rob was back to LI & the golf course again this spring and tagged another bird.
cathy 06/29/11 10:37 pm Beautiful photos. Its tempting to mail you a camera with a telephoto lens.
terryo 06/30/11 06:08 am He should be fat, dumb & happy when it's time to head south again. Tks for the update. Very cool having Rob back on the island again doing his thing.
Madeline 07/02/11 01:56 am Nice photos Terry. It's good to see Betty and Dennis have carried on without us looking in on their every move.

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