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Thread subject: Loch Garten
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/29/11 05:45 am Loved the latest entry. Always enjoy the blogs written across the pond! Those chicks are really ready! Osprey Time is ticking fast:-)
Tiger 06/29/11 05:58 am Yes Celeste I thought that one was really good.
DaisyG 06/29/11 06:20 am Yes it was great. Stephanie's words helped me revisit LG in my mind's eye.

Fingers crossed for good weather this week!
martyc35 06/29/11 12:56 pm Fun to read, and the grateful comments, too.
Anne-UK1 06/29/11 05:32 pm That's a great blog. It's good to know EJ's keeping up her standards, but you've got to feel for Odin. Just when he thinks he knows what's what, life gets all confusing. They're great parents though :)
Anne-UK1 06/29/11 06:26 pm Speaking of Odin and confusion - poor lad doesn't know what he's done with this fish! - clip :)
martyc35 06/29/11 07:51 pm Thank you, Anne-UK1. That was hilarious. EJ was really perceptive in finding it.
cathleen 06/29/11 08:36 pm That clip reminded me of comic DPOF fish antics on the nest! Odin flew off as if to say "Well, I know I brought it, and I can't see it, but now it's your problem, bye!!!"

Storm's innocent cluelessness was priceless.
cathy 06/29/11 10:33 pm I thought I heard them chirping with a Scottish accent.
Pam 06/30/11 06:33 am That was so funny Anne, thank you. I think the chick's rocket hit the microphone too :-)
Celeste 07/01/11 05:12 am That is definitely a first! We could have a whole chapter on Osprey "Comedy" with the different things we have seen over the years !
Anne-UK1 07/01/11 05:27 am Wow, the chicks have been ringed and satellite tagged. Not sure when that happened - this morning perhaps? Waiting for the blog to update - my guess is there's a male and female but either way they look to be two fine strong youngsters :)
Tiger 07/01/11 08:36 am It happened at about 6.30pm BST last night Anne.
cathleen 07/01/11 11:16 am One good thing - if Storm had no idea he had a big ole heavy fish stuck on his bum after Odin left it there, I don't think Storm's noticing his sat tag!
Tiger 07/01/11 04:27 pm BTW the names are Tore and Bynack
Anne-UK1 07/01/11 06:05 pm Thanks Tiger. I've just read the blog - wish I'd been tuned in at the time but I see Alison has caught it all for us to watch after the event. She amazes me - never misses anything that happens on that nest! I've not watched the clips yet, probably have to wait until tomorrow now but I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.

For anyone interested, the links are all posted by Alison in the fourth comment under today's update here - Blog page

Tiger, two questions. Someone wrote that one of the transmitter packs has slipped out of position causing a problem for that juvie moving its wings. Is that right? And I see another comment from someone mentioning they think an intruder at Dyfi might be Garten. Is that just wishful thinking on their part, or was there a colour ring that hinted it could be an LG youngster?
Tiger 07/01/11 07:39 pm I have no reason to believe that the transmitter has slipped.

BTW Anne are you a member of RSPB or Facebook?

The intruder at Dyfi could be Garten or maybe a hundred or so other two year old ospreys. It is is just speculation as the ring was not read.
Anne-UK1 07/02/11 03:48 am Thanks Tiger. I'm not managing to find much time to keep up with any of the nests this year unfortunately - I check on LotL and LG a couple of times a day and look for the latest Dyfi youtube clips and that's about it.

No I'm not on Facebook and not a member of the RSPB either.
Tiger 07/03/11 03:17 am Some nice pics of the banding. See Pictures from 30th June 2011

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