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Thread subject: Happy 4th July!
Name Date Message
DaisyG 07/03/11 07:52 pm Happy 4th July to all our American friends! :)
martyc35 07/03/11 08:26 pm Thank you, Daisy. Quiet around here, isn't it? And that's typical of an American holiday. Not much happening. I even forgot to post Dawn Chorus over here. Not much happening there, either, though. I am getting ready for an extended visit from my daughter, Bonnie, who will be here tomorrow. Granddaughter Kate is around, too, but gone off camping for tonight. Just me and the cats and the birds and the raccoons (had a skunk here last night, so it must be summer). I have Netflix now, so I was finally able to watch the first 3 episodes of The Singing Detective last night. Phenomenal, and I'm looking forward to the rest. I don't know who decided not to release that to an American audience long ago, but it was our loss, I assure you. Also saw Dirk Bogarde in Doctor in the House, a wonderful comedy I had forgotten about for many years. I haven't even looked into the nature flicks I must have missed. I'm sure there are some, although we have had access to all the David Attenborough series. I think. Hoping you are fine, and your pension is safe.
Tiger 07/04/11 01:32 am Happy 4th July to all of our American friends. Have a great day.
Pam 07/04/11 06:33 am Best wishes from me too to all my American friends on your Independence Day.
Shelley 07/04/11 07:44 am Adding my best wishes to all the Americans too! Have a safe and fun day!
Trishrg 07/04/11 09:30 am Hey-Thanks!
I'm enjoying a nice 3-day weekend, and got in 2 days of bird watching, so I'm pretty content.

My only complaint? The illegal fireworks.
My poor cat.... :-(
Nancy L 07/04/11 03:55 pm Thanks - all. My husband, single daughter & I just got home from a 2 1/2 hour canoe/kayak outing down the good, ole Carmans River - through the Wertheim Wildlife Preserve. This was our 6th annual 4th of July trip that we take with our married daughter, her husband & their 3 kids, ages 6 - 11.

Timmy, (actually almost 11) has just paddled his 3rd year. Julia (6 1/2) did her first paddle - about 1 hour's worth. They're doing great. This year, our California son & his wife & 2 boys have come for a visit, so they came too. We had 3 canoes & Jim & I in our kayaks. Saw plenty of swans & egrets. Saw & heard quite a few osprey also & saw osprey in the tilted pole nest along the Wertheim path. We didn't go as far as TerryO goes, so we didn't see our Puleston nest. BUT, there must have been deer in the tall reeds as a couple of times we must have scared them. The sound was big, so we figure they were deer. Had a great 4th morning. So sorry I don't do photos!
Pam 07/05/11 04:21 am I'm sorry you don't do photos too Nancy !
Celeste 07/06/11 04:03 pm Sounds wonderful Nancy!
We did something a bit different, we went to Sagamore HiIl (the summer White House of TR)l to see Teddy Roosevelt, (actor James Foote), who is a dead ringer for TR, give his 4th of July speech.

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