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Thread subject: Box turtle shot..
Name Date Message
BOB4 07/08/11 09:38 am This is one of those cruel stories that just just burns me up. Someone shot a eastern box turtle with a nail gun out in the Sag harbor area. It would have to be a construction site and there is a $1000.00 reward for information. I really hope someone drops a dime on this guy.

Melanie 07/08/11 11:25 am So very distressing. I cannot use language strong enough to describe people like this (although I won't do it here.)

I just recently got informed of a similar episode down here on the Chesapeake where two boys, 10 and 14 came on to a friend's property where she has an osprey platform at the end of her pier. The 10-year-old’s father had given the boys the two loaded guns (NOT BB guns) to take into the woods and told them to be home by 8:30 or when the street lights came on. Instead, they went on to HER property and deliberately shot and killed Olive, the osprey mom while she was at her dinner table and had to watch the whole thing.

To make things worse, she had recently given presentations about her book at numerous elementary schools and had recently visited the younger boy’s school to educate them about ospreys so he KNEW these were special birds and deliberately went looking for them. The police and DNR were called, the parents were called and the first hearing has taken place where they determined there was intent and the case was continued on to be put in front of a judge for sentencing. She has suggested be community service at a wild life preserve or nature park, letter of apology with an explanation of what they have learned from this and probation. Not enough in my eyes, but what can you do?
Anne-UK1 07/08/11 12:52 pm Oh my, what upsetting stories. Especially the second - Melanie is that the same Olive I've seen links to on here from time to time? Those boys need more than community service! :(((
martyc35 07/08/11 12:54 pm I am always saddened by the accounts of parents who allow their children to become murderers (wildlife or other, that's what it can lead to). I've known kids who got hold of their parents' guns and shot each other, and parents who refused to keep guns out of their kids' hands or made excuses for them when they were caught. It's disgusting.
Nancy L 07/08/11 02:36 pm Besides that sentencing for the kids, the father who gave them the gun should be given a 30 day jail sentence. Not only would he learn from it, but the kid would see his father go to jail.
Melanie 07/08/11 03:35 pm Anne - yes, that is the same Olive.

And what kind of father gives two young boys loaded rifles and says, here, go play until it gets dark?

There is an upside to this (if there can be one). She called my banding buddy Greg the next day who advised her that even though the male would try to do dual duty that eventually he would not be able to keep up the pace of incubating and fishing and that eventually the eggs would get too cold which is exactly what happened. But fear not - even though this years' nest was lost, Oscar didn't waste any time - it seems he has showed signs of already pairing off with a new lady.

If I hear of the sentencing I will let folks know.
BOB4 07/08/11 06:22 pm I just heard an update on the turtle story.. it was not a nail gun. Even worse, someone took a rusty nail and used a hammer to drive it through the shell so a 1/2" came out the bottom. They interviewed the family where the turtle has been living for the last (15) years.

Good news is the turtle is doing fine and people are seriously looking for the moron responsible.
Shelley 07/08/11 06:27 pm I agree with Nancy about the father of these 2 kids. And personally, I would not let them near ANY animals, although I suppose how else will they ever learn. But I do blame the parents. Children learn what they live....

Disgusting and very upsetting.
Celeste 07/09/11 04:10 pm It's so beyond upsetting. These stories really get to me. I can't understand what satisfaction people get from doing things like this. When I read that the punishment might be community service at a preserve or park, the "hopeful" thought that crossed my mind is that these kids would be enlightened and "turned around" and perhaps someday do something to help wildlife. I know it's wishful thinking, but......
At least the turtle will be fine.......

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