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Thread subject: You know it's hot when . . .
Name Date Message
Melanie 07/22/11 01:00 pm You see a bird using a potholder to pull a worm out of the ground.

Farmers are feeding crushed ice to their chickens so they won’t lay boiled eggs.

Electric bills for A/C are more than the house payment.

You’ve canceled your Hotmail account because you didn’t like the name

You refer only to a Celsius thermometer to enjoy summer temperatures that rarely exceed 35 degrees.

Corn on the stalks starts popping and flying through the air.

Popsicles melt completely within 20 seconds of removing them from a container of dry ice.
Celeste 07/22/11 01:12 pm It's 99 'here", and hitting 106 in NYC.
How Hot is it "there" Melanie!
Melanie 07/22/11 01:33 pm We just hit 100 with a heat index of 116 here in Annapolis.

As George got out of the shower he said to his wife “honey, it’s too darned hot to wear clothes today, what do you think the neighbors will say if I mow the lawn naked”.

“That I married you for your money”.
Pam 07/22/11 04:46 pm I thought it was only the Englishman that laughs in the face of adversity !!! Don't send all that heat over the pond whatever you do !
Shelley 07/22/11 06:08 pm The heat you are having today, we had yesterday. And lest you are ever again tempted to call Canada *the frozen north*, here is what we faced yesterday:

Toronto was the hottest spot in the country, peaking at 38C (100.4 F). With the humidex (what the temp *feels like* when factoring in the humidity) it was 51C (123.8 F)!!!!
To explain, it's what I call the blast furnace effect. You know that blast when you open the oven door when baking? That.

Today was hot but notably less humid. It actually rained for a few minutes this afternoon, too, barely enough to wet the ground though. I only stepped outside my house yesterday to put fresh cool water in the birdbaths a few times (not that anyone used them, that I saw).

Apart from the fact that this is my vacation time (being a teacher), I honestly don't see the appeal of summer. I despise this kind of weather! Blech.
Marie 07/23/11 01:01 am Oh Shelley and friends south of the border..that is truly HOT weather...wish you could send a little to us on the west coast as we really have had no hot weather...not that I would want 100 degrees. Must be hell ! I wonder how the wildlife is doing as well as birds?
Still some warm sunny days would be most welcome in our part of north america. We are still wearing sweaters and jackets to keep warm!!!
Nancy L 07/24/11 11:22 am Shelley, I ditto you thoughts of summer, but my bird bath is being used constantly. It's the best thing I ever bought for our yard. In this hot weather, I'm seeing more Robins take a bath.
Shelley 07/24/11 06:19 pm It's really weird. The birds drink from it and bath in it regularly and the squirrels enjoy drinking, too. I would have thought there'd be a lineup down the street last Thursday but even though they came to the feeders, I never saw them at the feeder. Maybe the water was too warm? In any case, I just felt I should change it/refill it frequently, to keep it (somewhat) cool and fresh.
cathy 07/25/11 06:05 pm Its cold in Seattle. Rainy. Yesterday everyone got excited and ran outdoors because it approached 80 degrees. Today, its back in the 60's and raining.

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