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Thread subject: Rothes. Exciting news.
Name Date Message
Tiger 07/28/11 07:02 am Rothes the two year old Loch Garten osprey has been sighted and photographed. See Rothes pictures

The photogrpher is Nigel Snell and he has pictures on Flickr at Nigel Snell

and his website at Nigel Snell website
Anne-UK1 07/28/11 11:12 am Oh I love it when one of 'our' ospreys is caught on camera. Where were the photos taken Tiger and how do we know it's Rothes - I presume someone's got sharp eyes and can see a transmitter or leg ring?

I wonder if she'll ever make it back to the UK, or if Europe will be her preferred summer residence.
Tiger 07/28/11 01:26 pm Anne. We know it is Rothes as she has a transmitter and a white ring on her left leg with the letters PJ.

See discussion at Rothes

Tiger 07/28/11 04:16 pm Various people have viewed the picture and opinion is that Rothes is male contrary to opinion at the time of ringing.
Anne-UK1 07/28/11 06:12 pm Thanks Tiger - I followed the tip to enlarge the last but one photo and yes there's a glimpse of the transmitter aerial and clear as day the letters PJ on the leg ring.

A pretty historic day to see photos of the first LG juvie known to have survived and headed back north as a two year old. Reading the discussion you link to, it sounds as if it was pure chance that someone from the LG blog spotted the photos - how lucky was that! :)

Fascinating to think that perhaps Rothes is a he. Slightly lighter at ringing than the other two, but wingspan was quite a bit bigger. I know males are generally lighter, but does anyone know the 'rule' on wingspan? I always assumed as males are smaller overall, their wings would be shorter too.
Tiger 07/29/11 04:45 am Anne as you can see I am a contributer to Birdforum so I may have seen it sooner or later.
Anne-UK1 07/29/11 05:30 pm Ah Birdforum. I don't use it so hadn't noticed that you were a contributor, but I guess it's the main meeting place for the wider circle of bird lovers. I get the feeling Nigel was as pleased to have his bird identified as the LG followers were to see the photos. There's a lot I don't like about the modern world, but technology has its uses at times :)

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