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Thread subject: Kelly's visit to Long Island
Name Date Message
Nancy L 07/29/11 12:06 pm Kelly (from Nova Scotia) came on Wed. & we had a nice visit. I showed her the Carmans River, the Wertheim Preserve, the general Brookhaven area, and our DPOF nest at the Puleston property. An enjoyable afternoon.
cathy 07/29/11 12:23 pm So cool that our interactions on DPOF osprey cam results in face-to-face meetings. What a great role for a discussion board. There is something about the design of this discussion application and the people who use it that was very powerful. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Facebook or Google +, but it perfectly served its purpose of bringing people together over a common, important interest.
martyc35 07/29/11 01:59 pm Agreed on all counts, and congratulations to Kelly for the visit and to you, Nancy L, for hosting. We beat Facebook every day simply by not being bothered by ads. What a nice, quiet venue we have here! Thanks to our hard=working hosts!
Anne-UK1 07/29/11 05:27 pm It sounds like Kelly had a fantastic day :)

Agree 100% with Cathy - this really is a very special discussion board, I've never found another like it.
Trishrg 07/29/11 09:51 pm So cool that you had a good visit, and how cool for Kelly that she got the tour! Way to go Nancy!!!

Personally, I don't know what I would do without my Facebook buddies :-l but it's also true, this site was my very first endeavor into talking to kindred spirits online. And for that, I am eternally grateful to this place.
Tiger 07/30/11 05:38 am Sounds like a great meet up! The osprey facilitating human interaction.
Nancy L 07/30/11 12:17 pm And P.S. Yes, there were osprey on OUR nest also in a tree to the side of the nest. Also saw youngsters in the nest along the path in Wertheim.
Mickey 07/30/11 01:23 pm Nancy, how were the mosquito's on Wednesday? They were horrible last Sunday :( This is not my first msg board x20.I can honestly say that this one has the most respectful group of participants. Then theres no spam and trolls. If the camera were operating,I'm positive it would not have the vibe it has now. Popularity has its price :) Have a nice weekend. Glad you had a tour from one of the nicest Ladies here Kelly.
Celeste 07/30/11 01:47 pm Really happy for you Kelly! How great that some of the osprey "stars" were there to greet you including the special stars of "our" nest!

Nancy you are the perfect Ambassador! Glad Kelly was able to meet you! Was Tim also there? Double great if he was!

Also very brave about the mosquitoes...just once I went in July years ago, and I have not done it ever again!

Last but not least, this message board is indeed a very special place...:-) Thank you DPOF!

Anne 07/30/11 03:50 pm How lovely for you Kelly, I'm jealous! So this year you have been to Blackwater and LI - so where next?
Anne-UK1 07/30/11 05:22 pm Re mosquitoes. I've no idea if any of these will work for the clouds of the blighters you apparently have out there, but I've seen mention several times on the LotL discussion board of using oil of eucalyptus, or oil of cedarwood, or (and this one seems to be the most highly recommended) Avon Skin so Soft. Maybe worth a try?
Melanie 07/30/11 09:30 pm I never found Skin so Soft be be very effective. I wonder it that wasn't a marketing rumor started by Avon ;-p Anything with DEET is about the only thing that works for me. Luckily I need it just a few times a year.
Celeste 07/31/11 07:00 am Recently it was written in an article that Skin So Soft only works the first few minutes/seconds its on the skin, so no I agree it doesn't repel insects. The eucalyptus sounds never know! Right now I'm trying the new OFF clip on, which is something you wear on your clothing that has a fan which has a deet/"Off" capsule of liquid. I wear it early am when I'm outside tending to the birdbaths/feeders or far so good:-) We've already have had cases of West Nile in Suffolk and Nassau County so far this summer.
Nancy L 07/31/11 12:22 pm We sprayed ourselves liberally before going out. Down south on the Wertheim trail, the flies (not mosquitoes) flew around us continually, bothering, but not biting. I waved my hat about & Kelly waved her arms.
Sorry to say, we just couldn't hook up with Tim, time-wise.
Kelly 08/01/11 05:07 am OMG! ... I still have chills!!! What an absolute thrill to see "our" nest up close and personal :) When I first laid eyes on it â€Â¦ well let’s just say it was quite emotional. Can't thank Nancy and Jim enough for their kindness and hospitality ... without them, this would not have been possible. And, of course, without this message board, such encounters would not happen.

Sorry, Tim, we weren't able to meet up ... our schedule wouldn't allow it as we made reservations to catch the 6pm Cross Sound Ferry from Orient over to New London, CT (we passed the Silver Sands Motel which has an osprey cam, but didn’t have time to stop).

Ann, and anyone else interested, during my travels in the U.S. we also visited the following nests which are streamed online:
> Connecticut
> Wetlands Institute of New Jersey
> Maurice River, NJ â€Â¦ though didn’t actually find that nest as it is on private property

Another highlight was going to Westport, MA. David Gessner, in his book “Return of the Osprey”, mentions this area as Massachusetts’ largest osprey colony and where Alan Poole lives (though he wasn’t home at the time â€Â¦ LOL). We pulled off the road at Half Moon Bay and counted no less than 25 nesting platforms, of which only 2 were unused!

Arrived back home in Halifax Sat. night after taking a couple of days to tour coastal Maine where we looked up the osprey nest at the Taste of Maine Restaurant in Woolwich and the bald eagle nest in Sullivan ... both BRI nests with cams and which both, unfortunately, failed this year.

I have so many pics â€Â¦ it will take ages to go through them all. Now I need a nap ... again! LOL :)

Long Island Pics â€Â¦ enjoy!
martyc35 08/01/11 11:30 am Wonderful pics, Kelly, and sounds like you had a thrilling trip.
Marie 08/01/11 11:46 am Facsinating Kelly, what a wonderful visit. Thanks for sharing.
Anne-UK1 08/01/11 05:44 pm Oh Kelly, what a fantastic time you had! I love the Long Island pics, it looks beautiful out there. And of course absolutely wonderful to see the DPOF nest and its residents. Thanks for sharing :)
Pamela 08/01/11 06:17 pm Super captures, Kelly!

Do you plan on posting more of your pictures, Kelly? If so, I'm desperately waiting for your pictures of the nests in Westport, MA. Did you visit Allens Pond there by any chance?
Shelley 08/01/11 10:23 pm Terrific pics, Kelly! Sounds like you had a great vacation
cathy 08/04/11 12:37 pm I went to Orient Point and saw all the nests there too. Long Island is a hot bed of osprey nests. Thanks, Long Islanders!
DaisyG 08/11/11 01:45 pm Sorry Kelly, thought I had replied on this thread. My head was rather occupied at that time so not surprising really and of course I have talked to you elsewhere :)
You took some really great pics, thanks for sharing your visit with us.
Pam 08/12/11 08:01 am Yes, great pics Kelly. I'm still catching up after a week away. What a thrill for you to see the DP nest complete with juvie.

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