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Thread subject: Duck v osprey :)
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 08/13/11 06:51 am An amusing tale from the Rothiemurchus estate in Scotland - link
Anne-UK1 08/13/11 06:58 am I found the photographer's website. More photos further down the linked page - the sharper eyed among us might be able to read the osprey's leg ring? I wonder if it may be a parent of the tagged youngster Rothiemurchus. website
Trishrg 08/13/11 12:06 pm Anne- Thanks for posting. I would never think a duck would go after an osprey so aggressively. Tells you how much I don't know about ducks I guess?
The photographers website is great.
Nancy L 08/13/11 12:43 pm Quite a story.
Tiger 08/14/11 06:29 pm We have now identified this osprey as green DY from Loch Insh. The ring is upside down.

Remarkably Daisy has been using a picture of this very osprey in her sig at Delphi for the last three years.
Anne-UK1 08/15/11 03:18 am ThanksTiger! i just read a blog on the Rutland website that mentioned the male from Loch Insh got caught up in fishing line recently. Is that the same bird? He was freed (I'm not sure if he managed it himself or was helped) and was okay afterwards apparently.
Tiger 08/15/11 06:28 am Well we are not sure. Do you think that bird in the picture is a male or a female? I thought it was a female but I am not sure.

Yes the male from Loch Insh was supposed to be the one caught in the fishing line. However that is not totally confirmed either.

Remarkably I photographed what I thought to be the Loch Insh male the same day it was released after being caught in fishing line.

These birds are becoming famous.
DaisyG 08/15/11 11:39 am This is very true.Amazing how things come round isn't it? :)

The bird in the pic definitely looks female to me.
Anne-UK1 08/15/11 05:43 pm I'll bow to your more experienced eyes. I just assumed it was a male for some reason.

You certainly seem to have developed the knack of being in places at interesting times this year Tiger!
Anne 08/16/11 08:15 am I had bookmarked the article about the Loch Insh male being found tangled in fishing line, but as you can see the link is now down. From what I remember, this guy had left a line out overnight and when he came to check it in the morning he found the Osprey tangled in it and half submerged in the reeds. He rescued it and wrapped it in a blanket or something and put it in his tent in front of a gas heater to dry. It later got free in the tent and was allowed to fly off.

I was reading this story with some incredulity until I saw his photograph of an adult Osprey clasped in someones arms! I was also incensed that someone could be so stupid as to put out a night line on Loch Insh where everyone knows there are resident Ospreys.
Anne-UK1 08/16/11 08:55 am Thanks Anne. I found this coverage via google. Typical that the man's being hailed a hero, but I suppose we have to be grateful that at least he did the right thing when he found the osprey (and very glad indeed that he found it when he did). Story
This comment, also found via google, says it all. When will people learn! Comment
Anne-UK1 08/16/11 09:00 am Oh - the link to that story doesn't seem to work. Try this. Story
DaisyG 08/16/11 05:33 pm "You certainly seem to have developed the knack of being in places at interesting times this year Tiger!"

Some of it was planned that way prior to us going Anne, Dyfi for instance, and the rest just seemed to follow. It's been an amazing season for us both! :)

PS just a thought, when you asked whether the bird in the pic looked male or female, I took you to mean the one attacked by the mallard. If you meant the one with the fishing line then the general consensus seems to be male.
Anne-UK1 08/16/11 06:03 pm I assumed the one with the duck was a male - probably because I was wondering if it was the same one that had got caught by the fishing line. (The newspaper report says that bird didn't have a colour ring, which seems to answer that question at least.)

DaisyG 08/16/11 06:25 pm The one with the duck was green DY the Loch Insh female. The ring can clearly be seen on some of the photographer's shots.
Anne-UK1 08/17/11 03:27 am Thanks Daisy. We seem to be having a slightly circular discussion lol. Further up, Tiger id'd green DY, but then asked if I thought it was male or female. I didn't realise you'd since discovered it was female, but was happy anyway to go along with what the two of you thought. Now I'm wondering - are these two (the one with the ring and the one that was tangled) a pair - or are they just two ospreys who happen to come from the same area but have no other connection to each other.
DaisyG 08/17/11 07:46 am LOL yes we do don't we :) As to your last question, yes it appears they are the breeding pair at Loch Insh. The info comes from someone who knows the ID of both these birds.
Tiger 08/17/11 03:01 pm Anne. I think it is more complicated than that. I think we did not know at the beginning of the thread. Then we have had conflicting information. I think that Green DY has been both described as male and female.

Also this has been discussed in two other places at least.
Anne-UK1 08/17/11 05:40 pm Just when I thought we'd sorted it out - thanks Tiger! ;)

Oh well, we do know we're talking about two different ospreys. And I'm assuming neither of them is related to young Rothiemurchus. So long as all are safe and well, that's the main thing. (If these two are a pair they'll certainly have had plenty to talk about recently.) I just hope that fisherman has learnt his lesson and maybe others will read the story and not make the same mistake he did.

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