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Thread subject: LotL - frustration nest
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 08/19/11 08:57 am Apparently Green 7Y is building a new nest in a pine tree across the loch. He only seems to have started this since Marge left. I thought frustration nests were built by a pair, but obviously not. Question is, which nest will he use next year ..... a bit of a dilemma for the staff there I guess. From what I can see when they zoom in, it's starting to look like quite a substantial nest though that could be my eyes playing tricks on me.

They've re-done the website and this is the new camera page if anyone wants to take a peek - Link
Anne-UK1 08/19/11 12:29 pm I've just realised there's no point looking at the webcam except between around 9am and 4pm UK time - they switch it over to the fixed nest cam apart from those times and there never seems to be anyone home any more, not suprisingly I suppose.
Tiger 08/20/11 07:19 am Anne it is hard to predict what will happen. It was a frustration nest in Sluggan Pass in 1955 that alerted us the fact that ospreys were "back" in Scotland.

However frustration nests do not usually get built into full nests. There are exceptions. The frutration nest of 1958 at Loch Garten became a full nest in 1959.

Also the "frustration" nest at Bassenthwaite in 2010 became a full nest in 2011. Mind you it is a bit strange calling the Bassenthwaite nest a frustration nest as two chicks were raised last year.

I think that the pair just decided that it was time to move.

It just goes to show how little we know about these birds.
Anne-UK1 08/20/11 07:26 am Thanks Tiger. Next year will be interesting. I gather 7Y has been bonding with a new female in the last week or so as well. Maybe the choice of nest will depend on whether Marge returns or not.
Anne 08/20/11 07:46 am Hmmm, could we see two pairs at LOL next year, or are the nests too close together? Our Ospreys dont seem as neighbourly as the American race.
Anne-UK1 08/20/11 09:01 am I would think they are too close together, but it's difficult to tell distance from the webcam. The tree looks to be just behind the big clump that's across the loch from the left of the nest (around the 10 o'clock position) which doesn't seem far enough really. Just to add as well, they've not been able to positively id the male as green 7Y though I would think it's a pretty fair assumption that it is him not a new male pairing up with the new female. Two pairs would be great though if it did happen!

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