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Thread subject: Earthquake in the East Coast
Name Date Message
Melanie 08/23/11 02:43 pm Yes, we have had an earthquake this afternoon - reporting varies anywhere from 5.8 - 6.0 that centered about 90 minutes south of Washington DC and felt all over much of the East Coast, including Long Island and Boston and even further north. I was eating lunch and at first it felt like someone had banged something against the wall and then it felt (and sounded) like a delivery truck was crashing repeatedly into the building. It lasted roughly 10 seconds. It was fairly shallow so the movement was pretty widespread. Cell phones and many internet news sites are jammed but that will settle down. A few stores in Annapolis had some ceiling tiles fall. We've had small earthquakes before but mostly small, 3.0 types. This was actually the strongest earthquake on record for the East Coast. US Geological Survey's comments didn't help when they said that it is possible this could be a "pre-tremor". Hope not. I've had enough excitement for the day.
Trishrg 08/23/11 03:21 pm Wow, that's a pretty significant shaker.
That oughta make some people a bit uneasy for a while.
Glad you're okay Melanie.
Melanie 08/23/11 03:31 pm There was just 2.6 aftershock but we didn't feel it in Maryland, so hopefully it's subsiding. I've been through "small" ones in L.A. when I was a kid - the kind that feel nothing more than a truck rumbling by. This was quite a bit more. Don't need any more.
Anne 08/23/11 03:44 pm Hope all our east coast friends are ok.
Shelley 08/23/11 04:26 pm It was felt up here in Toronto, Canada, too (though not by me, lol).

Our meteorologist said that for some reason, quakes on the east side of the continent are often felt over a wider field that are those on the west side. I can't remember if he said that that was because of the shallow depth. I will have to pay attention later when he comes on tv on the evening news as I'm sure he will talk about it.
Celeste 08/23/11 04:40 pm I heard Ottawa felt it also. I definitely felt it. Happened to be sitting at the edge of my bed and I felt it moving back and forth. My glass doors on a bathroom cabinet rattled, and my son came running up from the basement and said his chair was shaking while he was sitting on it! My son who lives in Manhattan and in a high rise felt his apt shake. It's been an "interesting" afternoon!
Celeste 08/23/11 04:41 pm I just heard that Shelley. It's because the quake was at a shallow depth that it was so widespread in being felt.
Pam 08/23/11 05:00 pm Glad to hear you are all okay and hope there won't be any more frights for you.
Tiger 08/23/11 05:45 pm My nephew had just arrived a Newark when it happened. I have not got any feedback from him yet.
Trishrg 08/23/11 05:49 pm They are showing some of the images here in California of the quake damage

Celeste 08/23/11 06:30 pm Trishg you gave me my biggest laugh of the day. Since they have been reporting this all afternoon, all I could think was that California was hysterical laughing at us East Coasters';-)
Shelley 08/23/11 07:33 pm Great photo, Trish, LOL!!!
Melanie 08/23/11 10:03 pm All I know is that 8 hours later Sweeney Todd, the Demon Cat of Monroe Street has just now pulled himself out from his super secret hidey hole, still literally scared stiff and is slinking around the living room jumping at the least little noise or movement. I don't know - I many have to get him therapy . . . ;-p
martyc35 08/23/11 11:04 pm I heard that FoxNews in Ohio reported with great relief that there was no danger of a Tsunami there.
Glad you all are okay:-).
Anne-UK1 08/24/11 04:34 am Glad you're all okay. Hopefully no more to come.
DaisyG 08/24/11 05:12 am Sounds scary. Happy to hear you are all ok.
Shelley 08/24/11 05:58 pm Another explanation about how and why eastern quakes differ from western ones:

eastern quakes

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