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Thread subject: Webcam - Ospreys fishing at a pond in Finland
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 08/24/11 04:32 am I found this link on the LotL chat forum. I've been watching just a few minutes and already seen one successful dive :) - Live cam
Pam 08/24/11 05:24 am Another for the favourites list. Thanks Anne. Nothing doing at the moment except plenty of fish surfacing for flies. Pretty view, nice and peaceful.
Anne-UK1 08/24/11 05:38 am Those fish are pretty lively! I don't know what's the best time for viewing, maybe early afternoon. These are the comments Chrissy posted yesterday:-

At 13:42:28

Ospreys diving again at the pond if anyone is watching to look in folks,,,,,

And I can here a juvie calling,, alarm pipping,, so there has to be a nest near by me thinks !!!

much love

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Chrissy Beahan said: At 13:52:37
WOW !!!

Such a display at the pond again folks,,,, juvie after juvie,, practicing their craft,,, and Dad in the background calling to them all the time telling them what to do,,,, Iâve never heard Ospreys call at the pond before like this,,,,,

Itâs a full School Day folks !!!!!

much love
Anne-UK1 08/24/11 06:11 am Actually, it's pretty busy at the minute. Trouble is there's no warning so I keep missing the actual dive - I need to perfect my skills, lol. It doesn't look like a very big pond, but there are clearly plenty of fish in there.
Celeste 08/24/11 08:18 am Great Find!!!! I just heard an fishing...yet! Thanks!
Trishrg 08/24/11 08:46 am Very cool! I logged in, and within a few minutes had a dive. I recorded it, but it froze on the dive, but got the bird leaving, Will post later tonight if I remember.... work.... massage after work.... I'll try to remember, LOL!
Pam 08/24/11 10:39 am Addictive viewing !!! Pictures of dive here:
but it is so quick blurring is inevitable.
DaisyG 08/24/11 10:50 am Yes a huge improvement on how it used to be. Pohtiolampi originally had a stills cam and has only gone streaming this year.
DaisyG 08/24/11 11:03 am There was a link to Pohtiolampi Osprey Centre posted on here a couple of years ago but sadly it must have been forgotten about.

It was in this thread where there was a discussion about the photos of Miguel Lasa.
Anne-UK1 08/24/11 12:44 pm Oh well done Pam. You must have very quick reflexes! I noticed there's a link at the bottom of the cam page - 'More' - which takes you to various archived clips from previous days. Only trouble is they're quite long clips and no indication of the points of interest. Still, not bad viewing when the live stream's off air.

Daisy - too many webcams/sites is the problem. Of course it isn't really a problem - there never could be too many. But finding the time to look at them all is the issue. I'm glad to have re-found this one though, but I can see it becoming quite time consuming so maybe it's not a bad thing we're late into the season ;)

On the question of time, I'm really hoping over the next few days I can find a few hours to go visit what seems to be an annual visitor to the Somerset Levels. I saw him/her a year or two ago around this time, couldn't get there last year but hope I will this - we don't get too many ospreys stopping in this neck of the woods so he or she is pretty special I reckon. Second set of photos here :)
Pam 08/26/11 06:38 am I'm really enjoying watching the fishing pond cam. It's great to watch the Osprey dives. They definitely seem to flap their wings on the surface of the water as they secure their catch before flying off. What amazing birds they are. Thanks so much for the link Anne.
Anne-UK1 08/26/11 10:40 am The first few I watched had me quite worried. I've never seen an osprey dive in real life so seeing them apparently floundering in the water had me pretty anxious. But now I've seen it a few times it's more like they're just arranging their grip on that fish and organising the relevant muscles before taking back off. They really are quite amazing birds (not that I didn't already know that). I'm glad you're enjoying it Pam, though the thanks really do have to go to Chrissy on the LotL chat forum. I can't thank her directly as I'm not registered there, but I'm sure she'd be happy to know there are a few more folk tuning in to watch :)
Craig 08/29/11 11:50 pm Thanks for the link! First time I tuned in I was fortunate to see a dive and catch. Nothing the next few times. But Saturday night (around 9:20PM PDT) I was lucky to see 6 splashes in a few seconds, followed by a few more over the next few minutes. Several just a few minutes ago too. So morning their time seems like a good time.

I haven't seen a successful dive, splash and catch in person out my way. There's a fish pond about 5 minutes from my house. I use to be able to watch an osprey sit/eat on a dead tree but this winter either it fell down or they cut it down. I still catch an osprey flying over the pond every once in a while when I drive by.

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