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Thread subject: Birds and Hurricanes
Name Date Message
Shelley 08/24/11 12:01 pm From my eNature newsletter today:

Birds and Hurricanes

Be safe, one and all!
Anne-UK1 08/24/11 12:58 pm Coincidence Shelley! I was just reading this info on a link from the Virginia Wildlife Centre website chat page - here . Yours is a little more realistic I fear. Fingers crossed for all our feathered friends, but especially those ospreys setting off south - I recall Rob Bierregarde recording several losses of his tracked birds last year most likely due to hurricanes :(

Some positive news from the VWC - the rescued eaglets have raised awareness of their works considerably this year, so at least some good came of their troubles - Link
Celeste 08/25/11 08:08 am I dread this time of year. The last couple of weeks wildlife has been "quiet" in my neck of the woods, which tells me that many have left for their wintering grounds. I also think of my local birds, particularly "my" Cardinals and people in my area who in recent weeks have been removing trees vs having them pruned, thus displacing many birds.

The whole East Coast will be affected by this latest Hurricane. We've been warned for a long time it's a question of when and not if on Long Island. With the recent deluge of heavy rains, 10 inches in one day a week or so ago, there's the additional problem of trees not being able to tolerate the heavy rains we are expecting today and then the Hurricane over the weekend. The last Hurricane that was pretty big here on the Island ('85) my area didn't have electricity for over 2 weeks. Yikes!!!!!

Ditto to "Be Safe, one and All!"
Anne-UK1 08/25/11 09:17 am I hope you all come through it safely.
Anne 08/25/11 09:42 am Oh dear, hope they are wrong. Be safe.
martyc35 08/25/11 01:41 pm Well, I was kidding about your earthquake, but Irene looks really menacing, even for all you folks in NY. Hunker down and stay safe. And let us know how it went once it's all over. My daughter Bonnie will fly back to the D.C. area just ahead of the hurricane. Great timing.
Shelley 08/25/11 11:25 pm Celeste, will you and other NYers have to evacuate? Melanie, what about you? It's so scary, watching as they track Irene! Stay safe!!
Pam 08/26/11 06:02 am Please stay safe all of you in the forecast path of the hurricane.
Celeste 08/26/11 06:12 am Shelley I doubt it...but I am prepared "just in case".
My concern are the trees and the winds and damage to our home, oh and not having electricity for a long time.

I've taken in all our feeders, except one which will probably blow away. It's hanging from a roof gutter outside a window. As I type this I hear Mr. C. and one of his chicks, outside the window, chirping in the early dawn...his signal for breakfast, however, as it is every morning, it's already prepared:-) Noticed many birds yesterday frantically eating....That extra "sense" that wildlife has is unbelievable.
Melanie 08/26/11 08:02 am It's a very quiet morning here today. Eerily quiet, as a matter of fact. Just a stray Carolina Wren and a few grackles to be seen/heard. Normally our mornings are pretty active. The probably figure first an earthquake, now a hurricane - we're outta here! Sayonara baby!

We're expecting to get a good amount of Irene since it's so big but any evacuations remain on the oceanside. I live about 20' higher than the creek, so while the city started passing out sandbags yesterday to flood-prone areas I expect to stay high and dry. Happily it looks like we will be on the weaker side of the storm which means less of a storm surge so it shouldn't be as bad as Isabel back in 2003 when the downtown/City Dock stores went under 5" of water. Winds will start kicking up Saturday afternoon and we are expecting sustained winds of around 50 with gusts up to 20 mph higher at the height of the storm so I've got to get some things in from the porch so they don't go flying around.

I've got lots of batteries for the radio, a new bottle of paraffin oil for the lamp, I have a gas stove that I can light manually, the cooler at the ready and my boy has a full container of catnip. I'm not so much worried about the storm itself but last time a hurricane came up the Bay we lost power for over 24 hours. We were lucky - some of the people I work with lost power for a week.

Ain't life exciting?
Nancy L 08/26/11 09:21 pm Just got home from hiking & kayaking in the Adirondacks. Missed the earth quake, but I'm in time for the hurricane. My daughter lives one mile from the Atlantic Ocean & has evacuated to her cousin's house on high ground in the center of the island. My son has brought his boat to his yard, from the marina, which is very exposed -not a harbor. We'll finish tightening down stuff & hunker down for the storm tomorrow. Wish us luck!
Shelley 08/26/11 11:22 pm Good luck!! all of you!
Marie 08/27/11 09:30 am Be safe everyone who live close to, or in the path of this storm. Glad it has been downgraded to a Cat. #1 !
My thoughts are with you all . Good Luck !

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