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Thread subject: Whew! We're BACK!
Name Date Message
Trishrg 08/29/11 02:37 pm YAY! We're back!
Was getting worried about you all.
Updates please!

Thanks as always to our trusty webmaster!
martyc35 08/29/11 02:42 pm Yes, it's a relief. I just assumed that everyone at Brookhaven turned off all the equipment and went home to wait it out. My update is below; so far, I have talked to Bonnie in MD, but I haven't heard from Mel yet, although I believe she is safe and without electricity.
Anne-UK1 08/29/11 05:38 pm Yay! Very pleased to see the board back and trust everyone got through the hurricane okay :)
Trishrg 08/29/11 05:41 pm Here is the latest facebook post from Blackwater:

Friends of Blackwater NWR:
Good News! We've been told all of the visitor areas of Blackwater NWR have reopened after the hurricane except the Tubman and Key Wallace Trails, which are very soggy. The normal Drive closures for construction work are in effect. And we'll post an eagle photo by Bob Quinn to celebrate the Refuge getting through the storm!
Anne-UK1 08/29/11 05:42 pm That sounds like good news. Thanks Trish.
Celeste 08/29/11 06:34 pm I'm here also! At least for the time being. 75% of the people who live in my area lost electricity, and this is the first time in all the years that I have lived here that I have electricity. It went out for a while, but it's on and I suspect as they finally get to fixing the lines, (first they have to pick up all the huge trees that have fallen and blocked streets all over) I might lose it again. Luckily we just have a lot of fallen branches and debris to clean on my property. I'm a mile from the Bay, but those who live on the Bay have had devastating damage. Some have lost everything, many have water damage and the curbs are filled with furniture, rugs, etc. Trees are down everywhere. It could have been much worse however, and I hope I don't have to hear the word "hurricane" for a long time!

Brookhaven had flooding and yes Melanie is without electricity. It will take days for things to be up and running. NY Transit and the LIRR railroad was shut down yesterday, even Broadway plays were closed for the weekend.

I'm glad to see us up and running again. Thank you DPOF as always!!!!!

Trishrg 08/29/11 10:42 pm Thanks for the update Celeste.
Glad you didn't fare too badly. Seeing the damage come in on the news is sad, but it could have been SO MUCH WORSE!!!

Mickey and Lucy?
Tim P and your farm animals?
Oh gosh, I won't even try and remember all the LI folks... please check in when you can.
Melanie 08/29/11 11:21 pm I am so glad the NY area came through as well as it did. Believe it or not, we managed to have power all through the storm. It didn't go out until 7:30 Sunday morning after all was said and done. We were lucky and stayed out until 5:30 Sunday night but within a half hour of getting power Comcast went down but I could at least charge my cell phone, read a book without lighting a match and keep my ice cream frozen. It was very difficult getting a cell phone connection and even when you did get it to dial out calls were getting dropped quickly. I just couldn't watch the news to see what was happening to everyone else, or get online so I sort of felt a little deprived of everyone elses experiences. What a news junkie I am!

BUT while we had power I did manage see the streaker who dropped trow behind the guy from CNN was doing an report from Virginia Beach (it's on Youtube). Whatever happened to 7 second delays? There he went, showing all of America his shortcomings (thank you David Niven). Cable literally came back about an hour ago.

We have trees down everywhere, maybe half of Annapolis has power and there has been substantial damage to the power lines in my county. Some people are being told it could be up to 10 days before they get the lights turned back on. I would never last. It's very strange - one side of the street will be lit and the other side has nothing. We had power crews from Kentucky getting us back up - we blew 3 transformers and had two broken utility poles to contend with. Or I should say they had to contend with, but they were great – very friendly and answered everyone's questions as best they could.

We had no real flooding down here per se - a little high water, yes, but no more than one of our semi-annual high tides. I was right - not only were the winds out of the north, thus pushing water out of the Chesapeake, but by the time it got up here, high tide was done. Even the oceanfront towns were spared because the storm's landfall fell out of synch with high tides so all in all we were very lucky.

I did find out that the earthquake knocked my window in the guest bedroom out of kilter, so that while the storm was going on not only was the window leaking badly enough that I had to keep a bath towel on the window sill (with the wind driven rain it was like someone pointing the garden hose directly at the window) but whenever we had gusts my sheers went flying. And yes, the windows WERE closed. They are going to have to fix that.

My thought is that while the weather hyperbole was over the top it did serve the purpose of making people take this seriously because this could have been a lot worse than it was.

A few interesting footnotes:
• Katrina hit New Orleans 6 years ago today.
• We had 5 aftershocks in Virginia last night.
• And lastly, the birds were back on Sunday morning including an osprey. I would like to think that was the same bird I saw sitting in the snag Friday evening when we snugged down the boat.
Marie 08/30/11 03:01 am So happy to read all your reports ...thank heavens one and all are safe.
Pam 08/30/11 07:32 am Glad that the site is up and running and that our friends are able to report to us. I've been relying on the internet news channels for information but they can be misleading. I really admire the way in which people cope with the really appalling weather they have endured. Power out and trees down sounds pretty awful to me. I read Vermont has been badly hit and the footage of a treasured covered bridge being just swept away will stay in my memory. We never heard of any after-shocks to the earthquake and lots of folk made jokes about it but it's seriously no joke if you are on the spot. I am very relieved to hear that our friends here on the DPOF are safe and in good spirits.
Trishrg 08/30/11 08:42 am Thanks for the update Melanie.
So glad your osprey is back. And I DO believe it's YOUR bird! ANd good to know it wasn't any worse for you.

I know Pam, I'm so bad making light of their shaker there. It really was a good one.
Celeste 08/30/11 09:43 am This morning while taking my early walk, and passing a park which has a small lake that outflows to the Great South Bay, which is located across the highway at our Town Park, I heard "the" chirp! From time to time one might see an osprey at the Town Park, but not often as they have a Preserve on another side of my town where they do hangout and fish. That familiar chirp got louder and I thought "nah" can't be. Never have I seen or heard an osprey in the many years I live here hanging out or fishing from this small park lake which probably has just small pan fish and/or carp. As I got closer, the chirps got louder, and sure enough on a dead branch was an osprey. I'm thinking it's an osprey who is resting around here because of the storm on his way South. Though I didn't have binoculars or a camera, (darn!), he was only a hundred feet from me. What's crazy is, "this featherhead" had to resist the impulse to wave hello! What can I say! I did wish him a safe journey, however!:-)
Pam 08/30/11 11:04 am That made your early walk worthwhile Celeste :-))
Marie 08/30/11 11:13 am ahhhh nice story Celeste...;-)
I expect he is looking for food, and with the swollen rivers, ponds etc I wonder how difficult it will be for finding food?
These poor birds! They have to travel so far , no doubt on empty tummies when conditions develop like this.
I wish all those Ospreys that survived that dreadful storm a safe journey to their wintering grounds. Hopefully no more storms like that for a long while.
Melanie 08/30/11 11:32 am Celeste, you resisted the impulse to say hi to him? I do that all the time! One of these days one of them will answer.
Nancy L 08/30/11 11:35 am We were without power for about 20 hours. Our daughter was hurridly eating our sherbet from the freezer, as it was melting fast. Our area had many large trees up-rooted, but luckily not on our street. We did have many large limbs come down. We are about 1/2 mile from the bay. Those on the bay were under water for a full day & most of them had evacuated. I just read of a guy who went wind-surfing in the bay during the 'back-side' of the storm & he drowned. The night we had no electricity, we drove to the center of the island & had a nice visit with my brother & his wife, who did have power. My husband, Jim (swimming pool guy) is busy today with motors that were under sea water and other storm related problems.
martyc35 08/30/11 12:00 pm Sooooo glad to hear from you all. What a week for the East Coast. I did read about the aftershocks (I keep this site right at the top of my screen for quick reference: LINK. You can look at the various maps, and you can get animation showing the recent quakes. Comes in handy at times like this. Well, a week to dry out, and we will have Labor Day weekend. The U.S. Open was up and running after the storm, pretty miraculous, really. Welcome back, everyone.

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