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Thread subject: Pam, Race Rocks Cam
Name Date Message
Vicki in S. CA. 09/29/11 12:57 am Pam, I am having no luck viewing the RR Cam. One link brings up an error. Google to the main page indicates that at least some cams are not functioning. What's up?
Pam 09/29/11 12:17 pm Vicki, Cam 1 is working okay again now although it has been off due to power problems on the island. There is a cute Steller sealion pup to be seen on the East side of the jetty now. Pics on my Flickr page here:

Cam 5 is being replaced...eventually....

There will soon be a new under water cam for public access. Tests are underway and it looks great.

Hardly any eagles around now, just the odd one or two...main interest is the sealions. Orcas have also been seen recently although it was during my night time here in UK. Ryan saw an Osprey flyby, mostly likely on migration route.
martyc35 09/29/11 12:30 pm Pam--Last night I watched two hours of NOVA specials on the March Japan quake and tsunamis, with scientific data, and a prediction that a huge quake is pretty well due in the Vancouver Island area, where a large fault follows the Washington/N. Oregon coastline downward. Folklore from early Native American groups in the Olympic Forest area has given testimony to an earlier devastating quake and wave there. I hope it's not soon. I watch the quake maps, of course, being on the CA coast. They can be viewed here: LINK. The baby seal is great!
Pam 09/29/11 01:02 pm I know Marty, if you visit Neah Bay at the far NW corner of Olympic Nat. Forest there are tsunami escape route signs everywhere which is quite scary. Apparently the last quake, although big, (6.something on Richter) was a sideways shift not a vertical one, otherwise ...who knows....and yes, of course, I can well understand your interest living where you do.
Vicki in S. CA. 09/30/11 12:01 pm Pam, I just get an error page when I try the link to camera 1. Can you give me a link?
Pam 09/30/11 02:55 pm Vicki:

Cam 1
Vicki in S. CA. 10/01/11 11:27 am Pam, that link gives me a new type of screen with the world globe in the center. My cursor has creates no reaction to any parts around that globe. And the bottom area is obscured as there is no scroll bar to move it up. Weird.
Pam 10/01/11 05:46 pm Vicki,
click on the two arrows to connect to the cam.

Then click on the star shape, bottom right to gain control for 2 minutes.

Click anywhere in the pic to centre. Use bar on right to zoom in or out (the one with the trees on it). Pic of head when clicked will lighten or darken.

Pre-sets are not working right now.

If nobody is waiting you can just keep clicking where you like otherwise you have to wait in line.
Vicki in S. CA. 10/02/11 12:26 pm No reaction to clicking on the two arrows. Guess I will just have to wait until they fix the other cam. Post a note when that happens if you think of it. Thanks for trying to help. I miss my RR!

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