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Thread subject: migration news
Name Date Message
Tim P 10/30/11 09:35 am Katbird was lost over the carribbean. Probably lost saco at sea as well. Hennrietta has died or lost her transmitter. Same for sanford. Good news is that No.Fork bob, the bird I assisted in tagging has made it to columbia. Talk about having a bad week.
Shelley 10/30/11 11:59 am It never fails to amaze me how ANY of them make it! Still, so sad when we feel we *know* them as we watch and track.

While it's so interesting to know, and so important for science, on many levels, it's one reason why I am almost happy that our DPOF osprey were never tagged and tracked; we can always cling to the hope that they -- *our* family -- are all safe and well somewhere!
Celeste 10/30/11 01:33 pm Ditto Shelley!
Glad to hear about Bob, I was really worried when he was hanging out over Cuba!!!!
Peter 10/30/11 08:51 pm Thanks for the update Tim. In your experience, how likely is it that a transmitter could have come off or failed for some reason (and the osprey survived)? I assume all birds who receive transmitters are also banded on a leg. Are there any statistics from birds whose transmitters stopped working, but were later identified by their leg bands? Thanks.
Tim P 10/31/11 07:25 am Rob does leg band any birds he has fitted with the gps transmitter.
Not sure if any of the osprey rob has fitted with gps have managed to loose the device or if the gps may have malfunctioned. Interesting thought ,I will inquire next time I speak with him.
Rob feels that sanford"s radio will be recovered as it's in the middle of a cattle-field,it should be easy to recover. A reward is offered to anyone finding and returning the gps. They are very costly.
Kelly 10/31/11 07:58 am Tim, can I assume you received the info re Sanford directly from Rob? ... there are no updates for him since arriving in Florida on the 23rd; at least not that I can find.
Tim P 10/31/11 07:31 pm Yes Kelly, the information is from rob.
Peter 11/01/11 04:07 am Rob has updated the Migration 2011 page and maps for birds who are presumably lost. Sanford's transmitter may be recoverable in a field east of Orlando, as Tim said above. Let's hope it is just the transmitter left behind.

A sad Halloween for all.
Peter 11/01/11 04:13 am Tim, has the system for attaching the transmitters changed in any way this year? Could some part of the high losses be a hardware problem? Are the transmitters the same weight, etc.? Any other variables being considered? Hopefully, at a minimum, Sanford will offer some clues. If it is more than just the transmitter in the field, perhaps an autopsy will help also.
jazzel26 11/07/11 11:38 am Sanford's body and transmitter have been recovered. Rob wrote 11/5/11.

"One bit of good news after all the bad news of the last couple of weeks is that Sanford's PTT has been recovered. Along with his body. It's being sent to the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey to see what they can tell about what happened. My current best guess is that he was shot."

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