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Thread subject: West Coast Birding in October
Name Date Message
Trishrg 11/03/11 08:57 am Here is my album of October birds. Lots of migrants returning, or just passing thru. I scored around 8 new life birds last month, including Wilson's, Townsend's, Orange-crowned warblers, Common Gallinule (official name change from Moorhen) Sora, Loggerhead Shrike, and some I didn't get to photograph.

Pam 11/03/11 10:02 am Super - my favourite?? - the Green Heron !
Celeste 11/03/11 10:31 am Oh Trish, such beautiful photos. All those warblers! Loved seeing the butterflies! Lots of favorites, but I have to agree with Pam, I loved the Green Heron!!!!
Nancy L 11/03/11 10:55 am Beautiful photographs & wonderful variety. It's great to see some west coast birds.
martyc35 11/03/11 12:53 pm Outstanding, Trish. You are getting better and better at the photography. I'm looking for a good but not extremely expensive camera for my birder/botanist granddaughter, who has scored a trip to Jamaica in Jan., and I don't know where to begin. Any tips on what I should get her so she can eventually get pics like yours? The family will help me, so I will look at good, not just great equipment.
Oh, yes, and I assume it's okay to post your slideshow to this week's Dawn Chorus; I know they will appreciate it there. The green heron was great, but I loved your shot of the dueling coots, too.
Peter 11/03/11 03:18 pm What a breath of fresh air!

Thanks, Trish.
Trishrg 11/03/11 04:01 pm Hi Marty- Yes, feel free to share my pix.
My camera is Canon T2i and my main lens is Sigma 120-400mm DG IS HSM telephoto zoom.
It was half the price of the same Canon lens..
I'm looking for xmas sales to upgrade to the 7-D.

Thanks everyone. I really have caught a birding bug over the past year!
cathy 11/03/11 09:27 pm I appreciate how you labeled each bird so, in addition to the great images, I can learn what the bird looks like. You certainly saw a large variety of bird species. I plan to participate in the Christmas bird count. That way I can go out with very experienced birder and learn more about what in my area (actually, I want to go east of the Cascades this year).
Trishrg 11/03/11 10:56 pm Oh definitely do the CBC, you will love it. I went on my first last year as a tag along, with 2 experienced birders, and learned a lot. I will go again this year too. I also volunteer to monitor coastal cactus wren, a bird of special concern in our area. I do pretty good when I'm just looking for one bird!!
bethohio 11/04/11 08:53 am Wonderful photos-I have a soft spot for the GHO :)
martyc35 11/04/11 02:11 pm Thanks for the help, Trish. I will follow up.

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