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Thread subject: My face is red....
Name Date Message
Shelley 11/11/11 07:16 pm Call me quirky, call me obsessive, even. And you wouldn't be wrong if you called me oblivious, either. This is a rather embarrassing confession.

I keep the bills in my wallet all facing the same way, *heads* side facing me. In Canada, our dollar bills are different colours, it's true. Like American bills, they have different founding fathers on the *heads* side. On the back, however, I think our bills are a tad more artistic and creative than their American equivalent, no offense intended. We have lovely pictures, scenes. On the five dollar bill, for instance, there are pictures of kids playing hockey, ice skating and tobogganing. The opening paragraph of one of Canada's most beloved classic stories, The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, is printed in both French and English (though you will need a magnifying glass for sure, to read it).

On the $20 bill, there is a picture of native art, with a quote from another famous Canadian author, Gabrielle Roy.

Well, I guess I knew all this (about there being pictures, I mean; not so much about the literary quotes). But for some reason, it just never registered in my brain. Last night, for some unknown reason, I was taking a close look, magnifying glass and all. Imagine my surprise when I decided to check out all the bills I could find and turned over the $10 bill. There, emerging out of a large expanse of lake with a nice fat fish clasped in his talons, was a face I recognized: an osprey!!

Celeste, if you and Frank knew this all along and I didn't, don't tell me. I don't want to know. I am already embarrassed enough at making this *discovery* only last night.


Trishrg 11/11/11 08:07 pm LOL!!!
That's an awesome confession!!
Now I gotta go find $10 Canadian!
martyc35 11/11/11 08:27 pm Wonderful story, Shelley. Is it this one? LINK

Shelley 11/11/11 09:53 pm Yes, it is!

Pretty, isn't it? ;-)
Pam 11/12/11 03:46 am This could send us all rushing to our wallets ! I went to pay at the supermarket counter with some change and the assistant looked suspiciously at a one pound coin and handed it back to me saying it was a fake !!! Apparently you can leave scratch marks on the metal and the outside edge was not quite perfect but you would need to be very observant to notice it. There was a queue waiting behind me and they were totally disinterested in the find, making me feel like some sort of criminal trying to pass fake money !!!
That is a lovely Canadian $10 dollar note but of course the national bird of Canada is another of my favourites, the Common Loon.
Trishrg 11/12/11 09:35 am Thanks for posting that image Marty.
SHELLEY!!! How could you have ever missed that??? LOLOL!!!!
Sorry, I AM LOLing.
martyc35 11/12/11 11:32 am This was just the distraction I needed after having to put my 20-year-old, three-legged cat, Rascal, down. She was sinking low, could not stand properly, and had lost all quality oif life, so it was necessary, and I was glad to be able to put her out of her misery, but you know, still a tough decision. So happy to have you all for intereting diversions such as this and murmurations, and all.

Pam, we know you are not a counterfeiting schemer, but isn't that embarrassing when it happens? I'm still not used to all the colors that pop up on our paper money now, and I'm constantly looking at a $20 bill and wondering if it's real.

Apparently, that bill is from 1989, so surprising it's still in circulation, or they have kept on printing them.
Shelley 11/12/11 12:14 pm {{Marty}} I have walked that path myself, more than once and it will one day happen again, as my own current 2 cats, while still healthy and doing well, are getting up there in years. You are right, it is never easy.

As for the dollar bills, they do update and reprint some denominations once in awhile, usually to add some so-called new security feature such as holograms or Braille, etc but the old ones do hang around in circulation until they fall apart. Except for the $2 bill, which has been replaced entirely as a coin (the *toonie*) and the $1 bill, replaced also by a coin, the loonie.

Trish, I don't know, I just don't know. It's just so weird. I am Canadian, have lived here nearly all my life and while I most certainly have looked at our money (both sides) before the other night, for some obscure reason, the osprey just never registered. I'm going to call it a senior moment, and that's final! ;-) I know you are laughing *with* me, right? lol

Ok, anyone else want to clear their conscience of some embarrassing moments in nature (or otherwise)? Confession is good for the soul....

Nancy L 11/12/11 12:23 pm Well, I'm happy you 'fessed up, so we all could learn that interesting bit of info. Next time we're up that way, I'll have to remember to check it out.
Celeste 11/19/11 04:08 pm Oh Shelley, you'll be happy to know that Frank did NOT know that. Actually, we rarely use Canadian money as we charge everything! However, when I told him, he does know that the Canadian 100 bill will now be made from plastic/vinyl that will be able to be folded. I haven't heard anything, but you know Frank lol!:-)
Celeste 11/19/11 04:13 pm PS Marty I'm sorry for your loss. Having been through the same thing it's never, ever easy.
Shelley 11/19/11 04:42 pm Hehe, Celeste, as a matter of fact, I did know about the plastic bill. It's getting mixed reviews here but I thought this was funny. ;-)

I am surprised that Frank did not know about our $10 osprey, though... ;-)

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