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Thread subject: I think I've got a Bald Eagle nest on my creek
Name Date Message
Melanie 11/16/11 03:30 pm I know of least 4 bald eagle nests within a 5 mile radius of downtown Annapolis but it appears that a new couple are setting up shop on my creek right across from my apartment complex.

We've been seeing an adult bald eagle flying overhead several times; I heard one in the early morning hours the other day. Sunday I did an "Osprey 101" for one of the sailing groups and I have started including bald eagles in my talk. That morning the "commodore" who lives on the other side of the creek right across from me told me he has started seeing an adult BE flying into a nature preserve area near his marina. The next day I called a friend whose business is on the creek and he immediately said "I've been meaning to call you - I'm seeing a bald eagle swooping down into the brush and picking up sticks and brush." So it looks as though we may have a nest being built!
Pam 11/16/11 06:08 pm Fantastic for you Mel.
martyc35 11/16/11 07:52 pm Wow! Keep us posted, Mel. Exciting!
cathy 11/16/11 11:33 pm Careful with your cat!
Trishrg 11/17/11 08:33 am Can you set up a cam??? :-)
How awesome!!!!
Melanie 11/17/11 10:29 am Not worried about the cat - he's basically an indoor boy and at 17 lbs he would be quite a challenge. They are just starting to build so a cam wouldn't be much of an option now. Besides, they are building in a city owned preserve and they (like everyone else) are so broke that the expense of a cam is probably not an option. And truthfully I would hesitate to publicize the location, at least until they have been established for a few years.
Nancy L 11/17/11 10:51 am What fun for you! Let us know what you find out or can see.
Melanie 11/17/11 11:41 am Of course this means I am going to have to start getting up at the crack of dawn to go down to the creek in the morning to watch ;-(
martyc35 11/17/11 01:09 pm Bundle up, then. Convenient of eagles to breed in the middle of winter, isn't it?
Lori 11/17/11 07:26 pm Want company for Christmas?!?!? :) how excellent. Hope it works out for the new family
Celeste 11/17/11 09:43 pm We are looking forward to your "on site" morning reports Melanie. You can do it!!!!!!:-))))
Melanie 11/18/11 04:13 pm Lori - Hee Hee - looks like I'm most likely going to stay home for Christmas - you bring Guiness and we'll introduce him to Sweeney!

First Eagle Watch is at dawn tomorrow morning!
Kathy 11/18/11 11:26 pm Dress warm! Come back with a good report.
Lori 11/19/11 07:14 pm What an odd couple the 2 would make :) Sweeney would never come out from behind the couch. How'd you make out this morning?

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