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Thread subject: Tolerant Osprey
Name Date Message
Craig 11/17/11 02:53 am Are osprey normally tolerant of humans? One has been hanging around the Don Edwards Environmental Center in Alviso, CA. It often perches on a tree along a slough next to a trail and the center's garage where they do a lot of noisy work. It lets photographers with their large lenses get really close - like 10 yards.

The other day I saw it catch a fish (first time I've seen an osprey do this in person). It splashed down right in front of two oncoming flying ducks. I heard them give a startled quack! My first thought was did it catch a duck? :)
Shelley 11/17/11 06:20 am Beautiful!
I don't know the answer to your question but it's great that you can get that close!
Kelly 11/17/11 07:09 am Craig ⦠hi! Nice pic :)

In my first-hand experience, yes, osprey are very tolerant. âMyâ nest in Halifax is on a heavily-used trail surrounded by condos, townhouses and commercial industry. Another local nest is at the end of a very busy shipping pier with loads of workers and equipment. And this past summer during my travels along coastal Maine, we came across a nest at Bath Iron Works.

Ethel & Oscar (A) ⦠Ethel & Oscar (B) ⦠Ethel & Oscar (C) ⦠Bath Iron Works (A) ⦠Bath Iron Works (B) ⦠Bath Iron Works (C)
Melanie 11/17/11 11:40 am Some are more tolerant than others, but judging by how many build nests in areas with heavy human traffic, it's not surprising at all.
martyc35 11/17/11 01:16 pm Some do hang around CA rather than migrate further south. They seem poretty tame. Trish has a pic of one near Anaheim on the coast, and a birder on Dawn Chorus took a pretty close shot of one sitting on a dead tree near the Cosumnes River (Sacramento area) last week. Great that you can get close enough for such a good pic.
Celeste 11/17/11 09:41 pm From my experience, if there nests are in busy areas, they are quite tolerant. I've been in parking lots of grocery stores in Florida, and an osprey will be sitting on top of a tall light pole, with shopping carts moving here and there. Here on Long Island, when the chimney nest is occupied at Bayards Arboretum, they are pretty tolerant of humans who are walking around. However, a few years ago, I was walking down a path to a beach in Orient Point State Park, and came across a nest right above me on a pole, and the osprey there were telling me very clearly to leave!:-)
Craig 11/17/11 11:14 pm Thanks for all the input. I haven't seen any nests in the area but sometimes I find an osprey hanging out at some nearby fish ponds. One is 5 minutes from my house. Unfortunately, the dead tree it favored as a eating spot and perch either fell down or was cut down this past winter. It was very easy to view when on this perch.

This forum has really been helpful for the few times when I'm fortunate enough to spot an osprey out here. Thanks all.

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