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Thread subject: Dyfi Ospreys
Name Date Message
Pam 11/19/11 11:33 am Last night was special for "Autumnwatch" our BBC wildlife programme in that it featured the starling video that Mickey drew our attention to and especially because it showed Roy Dennis in Africa. He has been tracing the path of the Dyfi (Welsh) ospreys travelling on their route through Spain and southwards. Last night they actually filmed one of this year's chicks, Einion, fishing in a fish-filled lake in Africa. He was identified by his blue leg ring and also his satellite transmitter. Needless to say Roy was overjoyed and very moved as were his companions in the search. Maybe somebody will put a clip on UTube.

Another spectacular bit of film showed an Osprey enjoying its catch, surrounded by about five Turnstones and a few gulls. At one point the Osprey actually fed a gull pieces of fish as though it were feeding a chick of its own....carefully tearing off pieces and placing them delicately into the gull's beak - amazing footage.
Pam 11/19/11 11:42 am Wow....I found it and it has only had 2 views so far !!!
martyc35 11/19/11 12:55 pm OMG! Incredible footage, Pam. The feeding behavior is such a surprise, and yet it shouldn't be, as they explained, and the rest of the video is fascinating, too.
Saving this one for tomorrow's Dawn Chorus, and thanks,
Pam 11/19/11 01:00 pm I only just discovered somebody has put all of the Autumnwatch shows on Utube. Here is the link:
Autumnwatch videos
Celeste 11/19/11 04:14 pm Oh thank you Pam! I love the all the programs from the UK. Just now I was watching " All Creatures Big and Small" that was filmed in the 70's. I will certainly watch Autumnwatch!
Trishrg 11/19/11 05:46 pm Wow, that was very cool Pam. Thanks for posting the links. I think I too may start enjoying Autumnwatch!!!
Kelly 11/20/11 07:07 am I've been watching Autumnwatch and its counterpart Springwatch for several years. The presenters can be goofy and rather annoying, but the content is quite enjoyable. Been waiting for ep. 7 ... thanks, Pam, for reminding me they are also available on Youtube :)
Pam 11/20/11 07:22 am husband Dennis would totally agree with you about the presenters - they get on his nerves - but maybe it's the child in me, I quite enjoy the goofiness. They are appealing to a very wide age range. D also has a "thing" about music in wildife footage, hates it, why not just hear the natural sound? I totally agree with that. Where did you watch the programmes Kelly?
Kelly 11/20/11 09:14 am I would download them from UK Nova, a bit torrent site but nothing's been posted since ep. 4. So I found this site, eztvstream.
DaisyG 11/20/11 02:02 pm All the Autumnwatch osprey video clips are on the Dyfi Osprey Project website HERE
Craig 11/20/11 03:54 pm Thanks for sharing the links Pam and Daisy. Very interesting.
DaisyG 11/21/11 04:01 am Sorry, meant to say the latest clip should be available on the Dyfi site around mid week.
Celeste 11/21/11 05:45 am Thoroughly enjoyed it Daisy. Great footage, and brings back so many memories for me. Particularly when I heard about the different personalities of the chicks. We certainly know about that "here". :-)
DaisyG 11/21/11 02:42 pm Yes indeed Celeste! :)

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