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Thread subject: A Committee of Vultures
Name Date Message
Melanie 12/21/11 12:21 pm A few months ago we reconfigured the office and for the first time in 12 years I not only have a window, but I look out over a little stream and a wooded parcel. Bird-wise the wintertime is much more interesting as I see sapsuckers, downies, harries, red tails, red shouldered and coopers hawks in the trees overhanging the stream. But the past few days there has been a growing number of turkey vultures. First there were just a few swooping in and out of the woods, followed by the crows. Yesterday things escalated and there were never less than 10 vultures perched in one of the trees at any given time and they remain today. I can see them from time to time swooping down and landing briefly in the scrub. I am figuring there is something down, probably a deer which we also see frequently.

It's a little disconcerting I have to admit. Vultures moved in to Annapolis about 10 years ago at the other end of town and they did an admirable job of cleaning up the small roadkill on a local stretch of highway. I have seen them routinely perch up on a highway sign, watching the traffic go by below (there has to be a highway safety message in there somewhere) but the oddest place I have seen them is stung out along the roofline of a local funeral home. You could almost hear them say to each other "WHO is in the menu today?"

Tim P 12/21/11 01:16 pm They are Creepy...
Pamela 12/21/11 04:24 pm Creepy and ENORMOUS. . .
Peter 12/21/11 04:45 pm Whoa Melanie, seeing them stung out at the local funeral home conjures up some bizarre menu images indeed.

Reminds me of the film Soylent Green!
Pam 12/21/11 07:04 pm What a great view to have from your office !!
Nancy L 12/22/11 09:48 am .....and has it affected your work quality output?
Melanie 12/22/11 10:14 am Peter - I prefer to think of the Addams family rather than Soylent Green. ;-p

Actually my boss asked me the other day why I haven't put up a feeder yet. I'm going to get a suction cup bird feeder over the holidays to put up on my office window. I haven't told him, though, that I will need a raise to afford the really good seed.

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