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Thread subject: Totally OT: Downton Abbey
Name Date Message
Melanie 01/03/12 04:50 pm OK all you who have been fortunate enough to have seen the 2nd season of Downton Abbey - without revealing what's going to happen - does it measure up to the first season? It starts showing here Sunday night. Anticipatory in Annapolis
martyc35 01/03/12 06:27 pm I just saw all the episodes of the first season the other night, as my local PBS station warms up for next Sunday. I just love the actor who plays Matthew (Dan
Stevens). He played Edward Ferrars in a tv version of Sense and Sensibility, and I liked him better than Hugh Grant. I will watch whatever they do next week.
How is everyone in the UK? I heard you had the worst storms in years over the weekend. Hope all are okay.
Kelly 01/04/12 05:27 am I love Downton :) Watched the 2nd series ... twice! Plus they also aired a "Behind the Drama" special and a Christmas Special. Must see t.v.!!! :)
Peter 01/04/12 07:27 am This is new to me, but sounds great. Thanks for the heads up. NYC PBS is airing it Sunday at 9 PM (Ch. 13) and rebroadcasting on Tuesday at 1 PM (Ch. 21).

They are also doing some selected re-runs of season one episodes on Saturday and next week.

Downton Alley

Re-runs are also available here, but expire on January 17th it appears:

Downton Alley first season

Further down this page are previews of Sunday's show and other episodes coming up.

Thanks again.
Pam 01/04/12 08:21 am Everyone seems hooked on this one but I have never watched. I took a look at it on the BBC iplayer but it looked totally wooden acting and boring - I guess I must be wrong !
Celeste 01/04/12 08:43 am Love it...
Took the Downton Alley Season 1 Refresher course on Sunday. Even my husband got involved and we will be both watching it on the 8th!
Melanie 01/04/12 11:08 am Maybe it's just a reaction to much of the schlock on American TV ;-p but then I watch a lot of British programming.
Peter 01/04/12 11:30 am Further OT:

Then of course there is always "Are You Being Served?"


Great stuff.
Anne 01/04/12 11:44 am The second series was not as good as the first, although the acting was still superb. But the Christmas special was brilliant - a must!!
Melanie 01/04/12 04:12 pm Not for nothing, folks, but it's Downton ABBEY, not Alley ;-p

And if you are on Facebook there is a 10 minute clip
martyc35 01/04/12 04:28 pm Hee.
Peter 01/04/12 06:24 pm Whoops! Sorry for the typos.

Those downtown alleys always confuse.
cathleen 01/04/12 08:07 pm Downton Abbey newbies: For those just starting out, the season 1 starts slow to set the foundation for the story. But by the 3rd installment if you're not hooked it is probably not for you.

I cannot wait for season 2 to begin in the States - I had a preview here in Rochester that showed the first hour of season 2. Great ensemble, great writing, Maggie Smith is brilliant. Much better than Gosford Park, IMHO, which lacked the humor part.
Celeste 01/05/12 04:52 am Like Melanie I watch a lot of British programming also. Can't have enough! I'm living and breathing
All Creatures Great and Small (7 seasons) on Netflix these days. Oh and the repeat of Tudors on cable. Thanks to Melanie there is of course Doc Martin, can't wait for that new season.
DaisyG 01/05/12 05:46 am Over here we are waiting for series 3. A bit of a long wait though, seems it won't be ready until September.

Yes Anne agree re the Christmas Special, I really enjoyed it.

Marty, thanks for the concern. It has been a bit wild over here of late, still is. Strongly gusting winds and lashing rain. I am lucky not to be bearing the full brunt though parts of Scotland have been hit pretty bad.
Pamela 01/05/12 05:53 am Santa put the Downton Abbey CD in my husband's Christmas stocking. He missed it last season and I felt the review would not be amiss. We're ready to go. It took a bit of persuading, but he's hooked even though Lewis and Hathaway are his favorites.

Is the Christmas Special part of the series?
Melanie 01/05/12 11:05 am Downton Abbey Christmas Special is on YouTube!

And for as much as I like Gosford Park (another Julian Fellows show) I STILL have to turn the subtitles when I watch it just to catch all the dialogue.
Kelly 01/05/12 11:33 am I strongly recommend resisting temptation to watch it before the 2nd season!
DaisyG 01/05/12 11:56 am Yes, please take heed of Kelly's warning. The Christmas Special follows on from the end of season 2 so please watch that first or it will completely spoil things for you.
Melanie 01/05/12 12:14 pm Duly noted. Thanks for the heads up
martyc35 01/05/12 02:35 pm Gosford Park. I missed this film when it first came out and only saw it recently. I loved it, but who could not love that cast? I have always taken it as a given that Robert Altman (RIP )would render the script nearly incomprehensible, but I still love his direction, and the freedom he provided the actors. And, oh my, such actors!

Daisy, I'm glad you are surviving the beastly weather. Best wishes for those in Scotland bearing the brunt of it.
cathy 01/06/12 06:44 pm I heard the second season is all about the ospreys that nest in the chimney of the abbey. But I don't want to give away the surprise ending.

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