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Thread subject: Annual osprey pole Inspection/bird/scenery shots
Name Date Message
terryo 01/14/12 05:40 pm I embarked on my annual osprey pole inspection along Noyack Bay between Southampton and Sag Harbor early this morning. I Also got to interact with the birds at the Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge. A "first" for me today -- a maile red-bellied woodpecker actually ate out of my hand. He only did it one time. I also had 6-7 BC Chickadees, 3 tufted titmouse, 2 junco and 2 white-throated sparrow eat out of my hand. The downside is I only brought my 250mm lens because I was taking long range pictures of osprey poles and so the woody picture only resides in my head. When I was finished taking osprey pole pictures at the Refuge I went back to the car and changed to my 18-55mm lens and at least got some pictures of 3-4 black-cap chickadees eating out of my hand on the way out of the Refuge. The area where the woody ate from my hand was about 1/2 mi. away and I was too tired having hiked all around the Refuge already so I took the close up shots of the chickadees near the entrance to the Refuge. All in all I found one pole that needs replacing. Now we'll see what the other volunteers find with the remaining 50 or so osprey nests that remain to be inspected. We'll be putting up new nests/poles late Feb., early Mar. See pictures below, double click to enlarge, all photos should have general caption under picture:

martyc35 01/14/12 09:32 pm What a great day you had! Considering some of the storms that blow through there, most nests seem to be doing pretty well. DPOF nest looks great! Thanks for sharing your pics, terryo. The birds are certainly tame there.
Melanie 01/14/12 10:08 pm Having wild birds eat out of your hand is just magical! I've been working on my Carolina Chickadees down here - they get curious but so far no one has landed.
Trishrg 01/14/12 11:52 pm Terry- Your photos were great. Loved the Woodpecker, Cardinals and how cool to have the Chickadee eating from your hand.
The White-throated Sparrow was very nice to see. Those are in high demand in my area. I'm still trying to get one for my life list. Beautiful!
Looks like you had a great day outdoors!
Celeste 01/15/12 04:19 am Thanks Terryo! It's been a while since I've been to Elizabeth Morton's. Hopefully I'll get there soon! Love that the birds there are so trusting, and will even land on a cap if you put seed on it!
terryo 01/15/12 10:16 am Somehow the 2 pix of the DPOF nest got mixed in with yesterdays pix. I can't remember when I took those 2 DPOF pix, sorry bout that.
Kelly 01/15/12 12:23 pm No worries, Terryo ... it's always nice to see the DPOF nest! :))) Sounds like you had a full but rewarding day. Looking forward to your next report ... hope the weather cooperates :)
Pam 01/17/12 04:31 am Always enjoy your photos Terry. Won't be long before those Ospreys are back.

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