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Thread subject: I've got birds at my feeder!
Name Date Message
Melanie 01/16/12 11:19 am This morning I noticed some White Breasted Nuthatches in my woods at work, happily running up and down the tree trunk as they are wont to do. Then some titmice did a few flybys, then the make cardinal hung out at the edges of the woods. Suddenly one of the nuthatches flew to the feeder, snagged something and flew back to the tree. He's been back 4 times and looks like he took either some sunflowers or a piece of fruit back up and then did a little beak to beak action with the other WBNH who stood by watching. I know cardinals will feed their mate but was I watching a similar behavior or were they just fussing at each other I wonder?
martyc35 01/16/12 06:50 pm Found thisin Wikipedia: "The White-breasted Nuthatch is monogamous, and pairs form following a courtship in which the male bows to the female, spreading his tail and drooping his wings while swaying back and forth; he also feeds her morsels of food."
Melanie 01/16/12 06:55 pm What a guy! Thanks Marty
Pam 01/17/12 04:30 am Lovely for you to watch the birds on your feeder Mel. We get a pair of Nuthatches occasionally. I like to see them feeding upside down but we have to watch through binoculars - go anywhere near and they are gone ! 2011 was the first time we saw them.
Shelley 01/17/12 06:21 am I get only red-breasted nuthatches at my feeder but they are the most frequent visitors (after the sparrows). So pretty!
Celeste 01/17/12 11:45 am Well Mr. C is still around, however, he tends to come very early dawn, and at dusk, during the course of the day his offspring are around. I know Mr. C because he no long has a pointed crest on his head every since he lost his feathers a couple of years ago. For the first time in 2 years we see a titmouse, and once in a while a nuthatch, chickadee's, lots of finches, red- bellied woodpecker, and a downy, and of course lots of sparrows This morning, however, a sharp shinned hawk was on one of my shepherd hooks, and there are alerts all over the neighborhood every so often, it's like, now you see birds at my feeder, and now you don't!
Grabbed the camera, quickly changed the lens and shot through my kitchen window with a screen. It's raining here today, but I caught a photo of the hawk who is disturbing the "bird" neighborhood.
Pamela 01/17/12 01:54 pm Hmm, where are the Blue Jays? We had one all fall, but he must have felt better flying southward. In the past there were so many and now they seem to be rare.
Yesterday the Robins came to the holly trees and ate every single berry. The trees looked as though they were shivering there were so many Robins among the branches. Somewhere I heard they wait to eat the berries after a good freeze and that we certainly had.
Melanie, what showed up at your feeder today?
Celeste 01/17/12 02:00 pm I have 2 resident blue jays this year, who can't seem to hold on to the feeder long enough to get seed. Of course when the birds see them, they hide, and immediately return when they leave. Haven't seen blue jays in a while either until this season.:-)
martyc35 01/17/12 02:41 pm My newbie is a white-throated sparrow (no pic so far), and all the usual suspects are back. Steller's Jays come every day for peanuts. All the birds know the neighborhood outdoor cats and steer clear of them. A sharpie comes once in awhile, but the crows intimidate him. We have redbreasted nuthatches here year round. So cute. PIC On Feeder
cathy 01/19/12 12:32 am Celeste! What a great photo of a little hawk. Really beautiful. As we know, hawks have to eat too. I think they have a hard life and many don't survive. But its hard to think they eat the cute little nuthatches.
Celeste 01/19/12 01:13 pm Thanks Cathy! Yes I wonder also, as the birds seem to immediately sense them and in a flash they hide.

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