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Thread subject: Defeating the squirrels..
Name Date Message
Bob4 01/17/12 10:52 pm Every attempt I have made at keeping my bird feeders squirrel free have failed..
They always find a way around the different baffles I have tried..
Anyone know of a baffle the squirrels have not been able to defeat.. thanks
Shelley 01/18/12 06:25 am I have 2 feeders that have so far eluded the squirrels (though not for lack of effort on their part). They are both tube-type in style. One has a sort of cage over it that has 6 perches attached to it and the whole cage is spring-loaded. The weight of the birds doesn't affect it at all and they can access all 6 portals. If a squirrel gets hold of a perch however, its weight pulls the cage down, covering the ports.

The other tube feeder isn't as popular with my birds for some reason, though I fill it with the same seed as the first one. The perches are a bit smaller but stationery and each port has a bit of a hooded dome-shaped cover. Maybe this makes it harder for the squirrels.

Suet feeders, on the other hand, have been the bane of my existence. Those pesky rodents have managed to unhinge and open the first 2 or 3 suet cages I had. I finally found one that so far they haven't destroyed though they still do hang upside down from the branch and can dig suet out of.

The bottom line, Bob, the answer to your subject line: you can't, really. They are smarter than us and the sooner we accept this with grace, the better.

Celeste 01/18/12 07:54 am I give up! I'm like a mad woman when a resident squirrel is hanging upside down from my feeder, or the latest is going on my roof and jumping from the roof to get to the feeder that is hung from a gutter outside my window. Mly husband wants to buy me one of those toy big squirt water guns, cause I've been know to toss water at the squirrel. The only thing is that he is used to my voice, and when I happen to catch him, and yell out, "are you crazy"? he runs like lightening away...yes, sometimes for a very long time:-) Told you I'm like a "mad" woman with squirrels.

On the other hand, I try to remind myself of an old photo of my Dad during WWII. He is holding a "pet" squirrel, and I think to myself that "rodent" gave my Dad comfort during a most difficult time in his life.
Tim P 01/19/12 10:23 am Similar to the type Shelley mentions.


Melanie 01/20/12 12:09 pm Sounds a bit barbaric, but try mixing some cayenne pepper in with your seed. I haven't done it myself but I'm told that squirrels don't like hot & spicy but birds don't know the difference.
Bob4 01/20/12 11:28 pm Thanks for all the help.. I am going to try a few different baffles and stainless steel wire I picked up today..

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