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Thread subject: Postal Service to Issue Osprey Stamp
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 01/18/12 09:36 am Get your osprey stamps on January 20, 2012.
Kelly 01/18/12 09:59 am I WANT ONE! ... quick, someone send me a postcard :) LOL
Tiger 01/18/12 04:20 pm They look great!
Shelley 01/18/12 06:44 pm Wow! I want one too! I will officially lobby my American friends to send me postcards, too! ;-)

What a beautiful series!
Celeste 01/19/12 03:55 am Special stamps I've noticed in the past are not that easily available in my neck of the woods. I asked my local PO and they hadn't even heard yet about something that is coming out tomorrow, but then again, my mail is delivered in the dark and many times "ahem", misplaced because of cutbacks and not enough personnel these days.
I did go online and one can pre-order, but it's not like you can choose all osprey stamps. You get exactly what Lisa shows, so for ex. a block of 10 is just 2 osprey stamps, plus they are Air Mail stamps which are 85 cents each. Even ordering via internet a First Day Cover with the Postmark from Washington, D.C. you get whatever raptor they choose of the 5 that are shown on Lisa's photo.
Tim P 01/19/12 10:08 am You can purchase all 5 ( Birds of prey 1st day covers) for $6.45 This how to purchase them if your a collector of stamps. Sheets of 20 will include all 5 raptors ,,the northern goshawk , peregrine falcon, golden eagle , osprey , and northern harrier .
Check out enter birds of prey in the search engine. I orderd 2 sets of 1st day covers. No im not a stamp collector or a philatelist.
Celeste 01/19/12 12:55 pm Thanks Tim. I wasn't sure if the $6.45 would give me one of each. I've never bought anything online from the Post Office, though here and there through the years we have bought First Day in person.
DaisyG 01/20/12 05:45 am They certainly are a beautiful set of stamps.
Peter 01/20/12 11:24 am USPS is still accepting orders for the First Day Cover sets, it would appear:

BOP stamps

And sheets of 20 in drop down menu under Self-adhesive item.

My local PO did not know about this, as this is a 85c stamp and not a regular First Class stamp. Thanks FOB Webmaster. Real nice stamps!
martyc35 01/20/12 04:05 pm Thanks,folks. I will put a link in Dawn Chorus this weekend.

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