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Thread subject: Dunedin
Name Date Message
Peter 01/21/12 07:41 am Both birds on the nest this morning.
terryo 01/21/12 08:57 am Speaking of Dunedin here is a link on their website that shows unfortunate situations ospreys get into and how rehabbers and vets try to save them:

FOB Webmaster 01/21/12 09:29 am Good grief -- the nest right next to the ferris wheel. Ospreys will nest anywhere.
Peter 01/22/12 10:31 am Bird on nest. Does anyone get sound for this osprey cam? Last year I think they had sound.
terryo 01/22/12 03:51 pm I've never gotten sound on this site Peter. I know they put in the new AXIS PTZ camera w/tilt/pan/zoom but no sound. Hey Tim, I see you're reporting and taking pixs of the action on the nest.
Tim P 01/23/12 10:44 am They were concerned about not having seen a female at the nest. I was able to confirm an earlier sighting of her that I reporeted to them about by sending a screen shot. Now the webmaster has asked me to send him updates as he will be away in Cuba on vacation. I rarely have time to sit and watch. I see Kelly from here also captured a shot of the pair in the nest.
zorro89 01/23/12 11:47 am Every since you started associating with Rob B. the demand for your services has skyrocketed. Do you have an agent? :) zorro89 (aka terryo)
Kelly 01/23/12 04:38 pm Yes, I've been watching and have e-mailed them several captures ... I got the same message, Tim :) This week I have company staying with me so will not be as vigilant in keeping up with the action.
Peter 01/24/12 07:27 am She is back on the nest and calling out this morning. Has anyone seen both ospreys on the nest in the last day or two. The last photo showing both on the notes page is from 1/21.
Tim P 01/24/12 07:55 am Kelly, have you captured any shots of mating?
I have very little time to observe. At work the site is blocked. Peter both birds were on the nest this am. Male in defensive posture as another bird flying over head out of view of the camera.
Kelly 01/24/12 12:23 pm No, Tim, haven't seen any mating. I too saw the pair defending the nest this morning a few times ... here the female was on the perch and flew to the nest where she was joined by the male: pic

Also got these captures of both:

Jan. 21st
Jan. 22nd
Jan. 23rd
Kelly 01/24/12 12:37 pm This looks to be a different female ... interloper??? Here & here
Peter 01/24/12 02:28 pm Thanks Kelly and Tim,

Hard to compare the two (possible interloper) shots from such different angles, but let the season begin!

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