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Thread subject: Question about the bear cub cam
Name Date Message
Shelley 01/29/12 08:13 am Is anyone here following it closely? I am confused about the names. I thought this mother bear was Jewel. Are Lily and Faith the new cubs? I thought Lily was Jewel's mother! I am only reading the little blurbs beneath the cam screen. I can't seem to find my way to any other info. Can anyone enlighten me?

edited to add that I did find a link to daily updates, on the right side but I am still confused about the names.
vickinish 01/29/12 12:13 pm Jewel is a new mom, age three. She has two new cubs, no names or sexes yet on them. They will try to fix that cam for better resolution. They have observers just like this osprey cam used to. Jewel is related to Lily, the family tree is there to review.

Lily is Faith's mom, Faith was born last January. Faith's sister from the previous year, and her best buddy all this year, Hope, was killed by a hunter in September. If Hope had not been killed it was expected that all three of them would have denned together.

The third cam has two bears that are not in the wild but in the Bear Center. They were raised in captivity and taken over by the Center. Honey is a 15 year old female, Lucky a three year old male. They have denned together this year but not without some stress. A third captive bear, Ted, is in his own den, no cam. Ted and Honey grew up together. Ted and Lucky denned together a few years ago.
Shelley 01/29/12 01:50 pm Thanks for this, Vicki. I guess what was confusing me is the note, posted 22 hours in the bearstudy notes, below the cam screen: "Lily and Faith are active and visible at the moment, arranging bedding, Faith begging to nurse..." I understood this to mean that the 2 cubs in this particular cam were named Lily and Faith.

Man, those babies sound just like human newborns right now!! :-)
Anne-UK1 01/29/12 04:44 pm Hi Shelley, Lily and Hope were the mother and little cub we watched two years ago, who were featured in the BBC programme with Gordon Buchanan. Sadly, as Vicki says, Hope was shot by a hunter in September :(

Faith is Hope's little sister, born one year after her. The two were great playmates.

No new cubs for Lily this year, but much is being learnt about hibernation from watching this mother and daughter. One surprise is how active they are - another is that Faith is still nursing. Last year Hope nursed too, but it was guessed that this was due to the unusual situation of a mixed age litter where a mother has cubs two years running. (The norm is for cubs to be born every other year, with the previous litter 'leaving home' before the next one arrives.)

Yesterday's update talks more about hibernation - Link

The Lily and Faith den cam was offline for a few days and has only just come back up.

Jewel is Lily's sister. Two years younger but born to the same mother, June. She is a first time mum,

If you scroll down under the webcam picture, there is a little story and some pictures, showing Jewel and her brother as the cubs who played with Gordon Buchanan's camera while he was filming out there in 2010 :)

Next winter, Jewel and these two new cubs should den together again. But she should not have any more cubs until the winter after, when these two have separated from Mum.

In the summer, Lily will send Faith off on her own into the big wide world, and then should go on to have a new litter of cubs in January.

There is a Family Tree to view on the website, but I find it's not easy to follow. I tried printing it out, but it comes out so tiny I couldn't read it. Maybe one day they'll make it clearer - I believe one of the calendars includes a more user-friendly version.

As a footnote, they said in one of the recent updates that the BBC are going there again this year to make a new series for world-wide viewing. Something to look forward to.

Oh, and finally, I believe you are a teacher? I don't know if your school would be interested, but an education outreach programme has been set up. Details, including info about the Black Bear Boxes which schools can loan, is under the "Education" tab on the home page - Link

The cub noises are fascinating aren't they. Sometimes it really is like listening to a human baby. Other times I have to turn my speakers off, it's so noisy! I've seen Jewel with her head out of the den on occasion - I wonder if she's just trying to get five minutes peace.
Shelley 01/29/12 05:25 pm Hi Anne. Yes, I am a teacher but I am in Canada so borrowing the boxes is not feasible. I teach disabled kids (developmentally as well as physically) and while I have had webcams on in the class in previous years (bird cams, mostly), I have a very low-functioning group this year so this would really be beyond them.

Thanks for sorting out the lineage. I have explored a bit on the site but only just recently. I think the whole advent of webcam technology is amazing, and I think DPOF was one of the very first to have high quality live streaming and observation input. Yay, DPOF!

Have you been following the owls at Starrranch ?

The discussion there is also about intervention vs interference. Quite interesting
Anne-UK1 01/30/12 05:36 pm You do a good job Shelley. A shame about the Bear Boxes, but at least you have access to other webcams when you feel you can use them.

I haven't watched the owls. I find I'm struggling to find time to look at many cams at all, so I made a conscious decision not to find any new ones. But now you've got my attention, I may just have a little peek ;)
Anne-UK1 01/30/12 05:42 pm I just had a look. The cams don't seem to load for me so that solves that dilemma, but what happened to the male?
Shelley 01/30/12 09:49 pm The cams load fine for me. Maybe they were just offline when you tried? Don't ask me, though, it's usually the other way around, lol, me asking the tech questions! ;-)

I don't check in there on a regular basis so I don't really know the whole story. I just read the blurbs at the bottom and it sounds like the male hasn't been around with food deliveries and that mom has had to do double duty, hunting and feeding. I am guessing that they are guessing that something must have happened to him. It sounds like their philosophy is to not interfere but given the situation, I think they are considering this intervening to give a helping hand in order to try to save the chicks. I don't think they will do more than leave some food and I do think they believe that nature's way is usually best. But when you get the cams, the one on the left has a great and very clear view of the tree cavity. Really neat!
Anne-UK1 01/31/12 05:54 pm I just looked in again and the cams are working fine. Thanks Shelley - it looks as if all is well there. Fingers crossed a little help with the food supply will see a successful end to the story.

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