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Thread subject: Some Bald Eagle news
Name Date Message
Melanie 02/03/12 11:22 am The Norfolk Botanical Garden's nest/Cam is being considered for removal/relocation as an aviation hazard. The Botanical Garden is immediately adjacent to the Norfolk International Airport. Another BE was found dead at the Gardens in mid-January (not the new mate) so it appears that has started up the discussion.

That being said, LeeG's posting of another Bald Eagle cam (WITH SOUND) comes at a good time.
LeeG 02/03/12 06:19 pm Hi again. I am amazed at the sophistication of the camera setup in Richmond. They (someone somewhere) are able to scan the area with one of 2 cameras and use it's telephoto props to get in real close. Also there is an IR camera and you are able to get "night vision" action.
Very impressive! Projected 1st. egg, around mid March.
Anne-UK1 02/04/12 11:50 am I can see the sense in removing that nest. But will it stop the current pair or others building new nests in the vicinity I wonder.

Anything that keeps both eagles and aircraft users safer can only be for the good. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
Melanie 02/04/12 02:49 pm Based on what has been seen on the part of other displaced eagle pairs (i.e. George & Martha whose original nest was just south of DC at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge who wound up in the middle of a huge construction site and whose tree fell during a storm) they will mostly likely build somewhere in the vicinity since they are fairly territorial. Hopefully they can be coaxed further away from the airport. Eagle nests, however, are even bigger than osprey nests so they would not have the option of moving the nest - they would have to destroy it and do something to the tree to make it unacceptable for rebuilding.

So far it looks like they haven't laid any eggs but time's a-wasting if they are thinking of doing the change this year.
Anne-UK1 02/05/12 04:23 am I just checked back on their blog and the first egg was laid on 3rd February last year. So maybe nothing will be done with the nest this year.

I read on their blog that the gardens have no power to do anything - it will be the airport who make any decisions.

I also read on the blog about eagles being killed by power lines in the area. We don't make life easy for them, do we.
Melanie 02/10/12 04:15 pm All I can think of is that if the airport in Hawaii can shoot a snowy owl (who should get the Vagrant of the Year award,) destroying a BE nest may not stop them. They could certainly get federal dispensation for it.

We've got over 4,000 NESTING PAIRS of BE's in the Chesapeake region and at the last talk I gave on Osprey and Bald Eagles, someone asked if they were considering opening up a hunting season on them yet. I'm sure they were JUST JOKING. I hope.

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