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Thread subject: Alert, FOB Webmaster, Lisa?
Name Date Message
martyc35 02/09/12 02:18 pm Hi, I just tried to look in on your eagle nest, and I get a big warning not to go there because your site contains Malware, which could be dangerous. I looked in late last night, and no such warning occurred. Hope this isn't real, but you'd best check. I just tried the osprey nest, and I get the same warning. Thanks,
Melanie 02/09/12 03:23 pm I got it, too, so I have emailed this to Lisa
FOB Webmaster 02/09/12 07:43 pm Thanks all. We think someone exploited a script on an old WordPress blog we had up (from a past season). Our web host has removed the old blogs for now, but we have to get Google to revisit the site so the message can come down.
martyc35 02/09/12 07:50 pm Oh, good. Nothing TOO serious, then. We'll look forward to visiting again soon.
FOB Webmaster 02/09/12 10:25 pm It looks like the message has come down.
martyc35 02/10/12 12:22 am That was fast !Good work.
FOB Webmaster 02/10/12 09:17 am Now it's back up. :-)

We'll resubmit to Google later today when we think the site is clean. Hopefully it won't take long for the sign to come down for good.
FOB Webmaster 02/10/12 08:23 pm Google has officially certified us as clean.
martyc35 02/11/12 01:05 am Well, I hate to say this, and it could just be me, but neither cam site will load for me. No malware message, just won't finish loading, like the CT site so much of the time. I'll look in tomorrow during daylight and see how it goes.
vickinish 02/11/12 01:13 am Same here, page won't load at all.
Kelly 02/11/12 06:09 am I got the page & cam okay when I opened it up at approx. 5:30am EST :)
FOB Webmaster 02/11/12 08:16 am Our records show our web host had the site down in the early morning - probably for maintenance. They didn't expect folks to be watching then. :-)
vickinish 02/11/12 01:09 pm Early morning for you, late evening for us!

Glad to see everything back up. Now lets hatch some eggs.
martyc35 02/11/12 02:03 pm Yes, the time differences can be startling. Over here, I look online to see who already won the tennis match I am watching "live" on the tube. It's good, though, because if one of my favorites is going to lose, I have the choice of just turning it off:-).
FOB Webmaster 02/11/12 04:11 pm Yes, the time differences are why we urged our cam technician to set the cam up so it would restart each night around 4am (after it shuts down for the night) -- since we knew folks overseas might be tuning in about then.

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