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Thread subject: Sad news at Blackwater
Name Date Message
Trishrg 02/26/12 11:31 am Please read the BLOG

I'm so sorry you had to report this news Lisa.
I'm sure you will let us know what you can when you can.
DaisyG 02/26/12 12:29 pm So sorry to read this Lisa, what rotten luck! Hope the surviving chick is in with a chance but seems a bit slim from what you say.
Thanks for the link Trish.
Shelley 02/26/12 12:34 pm Yes, this is what all cam watchers dread having to witness but as Lisa said, it's part of nature and just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. A difficult lesson in life. :-(
Tiger 02/26/12 12:47 pm So sorry to hear this. The first cam I ever watched was the Blackwater osprey cam and that was about eleven years ago. I cannot remember anything like this happening at Blackwater before.

Still webcams bring joy and sadness. I guess sadness is the price we pay for the joy.

LeeG 02/26/12 01:05 pm Hi, indeed sad news. Being in Richmond, I can attest to the fierce winds we had here. The storm was moving SW to NE, so Cambridge would have been in it's path a little later that day. The female eagle here was actually blown off the eggs and caught on the web cam during the incident. It's posted on the site for all to see.
Kelly 02/26/12 02:17 pm Tragic and unfortunate news ... so sorry, Lisa.
Mickey 02/26/12 02:49 pm where did Lisa say the female was blown off the nest(you say eggs but they were chicks) and caught on the web cam LeeG?
LeeG 02/26/12 03:23 pm Here is the URL.
Anne-UK1 02/26/12 03:37 pm Thanks for passing that on Trish. Very sad news and all a bit confusing from the sound of things. Fingers crossed for the remaining little one - we've seen miracles happen before and I'll be hoping we may do again.
martyc35 02/26/12 04:19 pm OH, DAMN. I'm so sorry, Lisa. I posted the bad news to Dawn Chorus.
FOB Webmaster 02/26/12 06:52 pm Hi all,

The second video we got from a fan seemed to confirm that we had an intruder (looked to be a male) come to the nest early in the morning when the female exited, and pecked the chicks and moved them out of the nest cup, then sat down in the nest. One was killed and the other is hanging on, but we don't know how badly it was injured.

We had thought an intruder was bothering the pair earlier in the season, and we also saw one strange sequence of shots a few weeks ago of the male mantling his food in front of the female on the nest. Hindsight says that might have been the new male.

No idea how this will play out. As anyone who watched the NCTC Eagle Cam last year knows, the intruder can often be very persistent.
Trishrg 02/26/12 09:30 pm Oh wow, that's very different news than I had expected to read. I guess all we can do is wait and see if the chick survives. What drama.
Thanks for the update.
We all know what drama played out right here with our Osprey, when we thought the male was gone, but turned out that he was trying to fend off intruders. That sure was a dramatic season!
Lori 02/27/12 03:01 pm Oh Lisa, I am so sorry. What a rotten end to a great beginning.......
Celeste 02/27/12 04:15 pm Oh Lisa, so very sorry.
Shelley 02/27/12 07:17 pm Condolences from me too. This hasn't been a good weekend for birds, in more places than one. I'm so sorry, Lisa
Mickey 02/28/12 06:28 pm sorry Lee. I reread your post and see you were talking about the Richmond nest.
FOB Webmaster 02/28/12 07:17 pm Thanks, all. Here's to ospreys returning early.

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