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Thread subject: Lincoln Karim arrested..
Name Date Message
Bob4 02/28/12 06:52 pm I heard on the news today he was arrested for having a RTH.. Lima who died yesterday.. without a permit..

I have not heard anymore details about what happened to him.. I feel really bad for the guy..

Bob4 02/28/12 06:55 pm Here is a link I just found..
DaisyG 02/28/12 07:13 pm Seems to have been resolved now. See Pale Male Irregulars
FOB Webmaster 02/28/12 07:16 pm Wow, heck of a photography outfit he's got there.
Shelley 02/29/12 06:56 am Good grief. Do the authorities have nothing better to do, no more serious *criminals* to apprehend? How about trying to find who put the poison out in the first place? Lincoln is one of the good guys, which makes me wonder what side the so-called authorities are on. Unless they have something to hide and are trying to hang something on Lincoln. Such a sad comment on human nature: power and*authority* vs. nature and compassion
Tiger 03/01/12 03:33 am Latest developments. See here
Shelley 03/01/12 06:43 am I don't understand why he is not able to be directly quoted in the press. Also, this is disturbing:

"For the Press:
Until I remove this notice, any image/s on this website may be used without written permission.
Please note that I am now unable to be directly quoted in the media.

Wednesday February 29:
I have no reports that Lima's body made it to the Wildlife Pathology Lab."

Sounds like the officer who promised to deliver Lima to the lab isn't being very accountable. Why are the *authorities* so reluctant to follow through? I'm wondering if putting out the rat poison is illegal. If it is, then it is a criminal offense and someone is responsible. If the authorities are reluctant to do their duty, and are instead harrassing Lincoln, what is the reason? Is photographing in the park every day a more serious crime than putting out poison? Is being compassionate about animals a crime? Or could it be that the police themselves are responsible for placing the poison and therefore have a vested interest in ignoring Lincoln's efforts to get to the bottom of this?

Also, I don't understand the first line, about all the images on the site now being available without written permission. Have they taken away his copyright? Is THAT legal? And WHY??? What's next? Will they seize his equipment? This is just getting weirder and weirder and just smells very suspicious.

New Yorkers, is there anything in the media? Do people know about all this? The public has come to the rescue once before. Maybe now is another time to raise voices.
cathleen 03/01/12 11:09 am It appears to me that since Lincoln is "unable to be directly quoted in the media" for whatever reason, he is allowing the media to use his images in place of his words to show implicitly that the Police Precinct may be responsible for Lima's death, and that is why The Finest are behaving so defensively about his activities.
DaisyG 03/01/12 12:30 pm Cathy, that is my understanding too.
Lincoln speaks with his camera. Who needs words?
Yes Marty, he has been at odds with one department/official or another for years so I suppose, to some of them at least, he is a thorn in their flesh.
Bob4 03/01/12 01:45 pm I think Lincoln is taking the high road and keeping silent till the results come back on why Lima died. He is dealing with a group of people who don't like him and will do everything they can to avoid the truth if rat poison turns out to be the cause.
Melanie 03/02/12 11:23 am I think we need a serious rationality check here.

Lincoln was arrested initially for screaming threats at Paula Zahn's CHILDREN. Their father was the president of the board who voted to have the nest removed. Lincoln has a history of being confrontational so you really can't blame anyone for not wanting to bend over backwards to accommodate his demands.

The police aren't responsible for Lima's death and there is absolutely NO indication yet that Lima died due to poison. there are premature conclusions being drawn. Think about this - if poisoning was as rampant as some people think then there would be many redtails and owls falling down dead in Central Park. At which point the Department of Environmental Conservation (who takes care of the entire state of New York) would have to get involved.

No one is spreading rat poison for the pure joy of it - rats are a HUGE problem in NYC so until someone comes up with a better rat trap, this is the only option available. Rats pose a huge health problem to humans. I wouldn't want to live with them.

I have no doubt Lincoln thinks he's being silenced. That doesn't make it so. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not the coolest cookie in the jar when it is something he is passionate about. And by being calm and rational is how you get the press to quote you.
Celeste 03/02/12 11:45 am Definitely agree Melanie, though NY has plenty of rats, which unfortunately I've encountered them in the subways, I think we would be reading about lots of incidents with birds of prey dying for no apparent reason. It was also suggested that Lima may have swallowed a bone "the wrong way" and suffered internal injuries. Reports take a while, and though Lincoln's dedication to his photography is admirable, he is not always thinking clearly in my opinion with his comments.
Mickey 03/03/12 10:00 am His unbiased observations left the station a very long time ago. Alot of us here know how feelings can cloud ones reporting. Theres no way the NYC PD or the Central Park Conservancy (which runs CP) placed rat poison on the old CP precinct grounds or the new still under construction precinct. Imagine rationally for a second, the lawsuit possibilities. My guess is the PD hired a company to handle any poison that was put down. For those of you not familiar with where this precinct is,let me help. It butts right up against the great lawn. Humans walk their dogs all around. Many rich and powerful people. There are also several horse trails within ear shot. "The Central Park Precinct station house was originally built in 1871 near the site of the park reservoir keeper̢۪s house. For the next few decades, it was used as a horse stable. It was converted into a police station in 1936. In 2001, the city built a temporary metal building near the station, and the precinct moved in so the building that was a stable could be renovated."The second floor apparently used to be a hayloft, which is kinda funny.
Bob4 03/05/12 05:24 pm Sure.. Lincoln is very passionate about PM and what happens in Central Park. But the guy gets my respect for his daily photo shoot and all the gear he has to cart around. I only know what I read in the papers and on PM website. He has made mistakes in the past and that should not keep anyone from backing him in the future.. IMO

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