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Thread subject: DPOF nest ready for another season
Name Date Message
terryo 03/11/12 11:32 am I went to our DPOF nest and Wertheim NWR for an early visit. I didn't see or hear any ospreys on the Carmans, a little too early I guess. Anyway the nest looks in great shape again, having a mild winter helped also. I took a few landscape shots of the general area. Double click to enlarge each pictures, photo cap at bottom of each picture. Sorry for a couple of typos in photo caps, I wrote them in a hurry.Have a great Sunday.

Kelly 03/11/12 12:06 pm Great pics, terryo! Brings back wonderful memories of my visit there last summer :)
Kathy 03/11/12 12:09 pm So good to see our nest again...thanks terryo!
Melanie 03/11/12 12:23 pm Bittersweet with the empty cam arm.

Is it just me or does it look like the nest is compacting down? My memories of it are that it was taller. Or perhaps things always looked bigger when we were kids.
Celeste 03/11/12 12:44 pm Truly have a lump in my throat!
2003 seems like yesterday and yet a lifetime ago...yes Melanie we were "kids":-)
Thanks terryo!
terryo 03/11/12 12:57 pm Mel I noticed the compacting down appearance last year when I was able to kayak up a little canal behind the nest for a better view. It used to be pretty even all the way around, still appears sturdy though, even if it's getting up there in years.
Nancy L 03/11/12 02:18 pm Thanks for the photos, Terry. When we do our annual 4th of July canoe/kayak trip on the Carmens, our grandkids LOVE to paddle under Sunrise Highway to the waterfall, near where the Trout Unlimited organization put in the fish-ladder.
martyc35 03/11/12 02:36 pm Thank you, Terry. Great to see the nest and adjoining area.
Anne-UK1 03/11/12 02:50 pm Thanks Terry. So good to know it's all ready and waiting - just a shame we can't look in any more. Keep an eye on them for us :)
Shelley 03/11/12 03:11 pm Ok, Terry, you are our eyes now. Anyone have the stats re dates of return? Should be soon!
Pam 03/12/12 05:01 pm Thank you Terry - I'm with Celeste !!
Nancy L 03/13/12 02:44 pm Tiger usually has the stats, but I have arrival dates:
'04 - March 15th
'05 - March 18 & 23rd
'06 - before March 22nd
'07 - March 14 & 17
Anne-UK1 03/13/12 04:28 pm So that's any day now! Keep your eyes peeled Terry :)

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