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Thread subject: Turkey vultures?
Name Date Message
Peter 03/13/12 12:06 pm I am pretty sure I saw three turkey vultures over Peconic Bay in North Sea yesterday.

turkey vultures

There have been recent sightings in the Riverhead and Hampton Bays areas:

ebird turkey vultures

Riverhead and Hampton Bays turkey vultures

Of course the first rush was OSPREYS! :)

And a bald eagle in Southampton Village yesterday. This may be the bird I saw last week?

Southampton bald eagle

Will the warm weather prompt the ospreys to return sooner?
Peter 03/13/12 12:19 pm And I just noticed this osprey sighting over Shinnecock Bay ("east of reservation over bay") yesterday.

Shinnecock Bay osprey

March 13th now -- this would be 1-2 weeks earlier than last year for the East End's first osprey?

I have asked Rob to keep track of North Fork Bob and the other South American birds to see if they leave earlier than last year.

North Fork Bob

martyc35 03/13/12 02:18 pm Hi, Peter. A short video on Turkey Vultures from a local nature series here. LINK. I take what he says about the sense of smell a little more liberally than he sounds. It is now well known that many birds have a sense of smell, but TVs are the only vultures that do.
Melanie 03/13/12 02:45 pm Since you are more apt to see them in flight than close up, the sure way to tell a TV is by the flight - they wobble like they are drunk, and the trailing edges of a TV's wings appear silverish (or at least lighter than the leading edge of the wings. The youngsters don't get that naked red head right away.

You are lucky you don't have to be adding black vultures to the mix. They generally don't go much further north than me in Maryland. Sometimes I have to look twice to differentiate them from Bald Eagles.
martyc35 03/13/12 04:05 pm Well, yes, that was the point of the video on the "teetering" TVs, but glad you agree:-).
One nature article I read recently showed Black Vultures in Florida that ate the rubber off people's windshield wipers. Signs were posted to warn visitors. I had seen film on some parrots that did that but hadn't known the vultures did it too.
Peter 03/13/12 05:08 pm Thanks marty for the video link. Yup, the turkey vultures flying look like the ones I saw at a distance yesterday.

Amazing that their sense of smell is so good! And indeed they did appear to teeter and wobble in flight, although I was too far away to see much more detail Melanie.

Another offally good situation?
terryo 03/14/12 09:21 am Last year I was in the swimmng pool at Foxwoods looking up thru their glass ceiling and as my eyes focused from the glare I saw what I initially thought were 20-30 eagles. How cool, eagles and Native Americans the way it was meant to be. Of course I now know they were TV's and they knew when the food dump schedules were so they were circling over the dumpsters ready to chow down. Live & learn.
Peter 03/14/12 12:53 pm Funny terry, how our waste has modified the food chain for so many creatures. Similar to the Nova Scotia carcass fiasco a few weeks ago. Ah, what a tangled web we weave!

Then there might be a good joke waiting to be hatched here about the "glass ceiling" in the corporate world, and all the vultures above it waiting to scarf down the . . . ?
Melanie 03/14/12 09:30 pm I know I've told this before but it still makes me chuckle. We have both TV's and BV's here in Maryland and I can't swear to which one it was, but driving past a funeral home one day there were 10 of those suckers lined up on the roofline. Cue Charles Addams.

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