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Thread subject: waPo article on Bald Eagle Parts
Name Date Message
Melanie 03/19/12 12:37 pm Here
Peter 03/19/12 02:53 pm Oh my goodness, am I the only one who feels a bit ambivalent about this chop shop?
Melanie 03/19/12 05:12 pm I have no issue with it. They are used for religious ceremonies, not for commercial gain. Haven't we done enough to Native American populations over the past 300 years? Why do you feel ambivalent? Would you rather see them rot or be incinerated and then have the Native Americans go out and kill healthy eagles for their ceremonies?
Peter 03/19/12 06:11 pm Thanks Melanie,

This might require more discussion than is warranted here, but my main objection is that so much human time and effort is expended to replace ("make up for?") the time-honored traditions and balances of Nature, including the introduction of Homo Sapiens on the Earth.

The next general objection is that the federal government is the sheriff, judge and jury here. Not so good IMO.

Further, in brief, to answer your questions:

-- the use of any legally obtained (or previously owned) item for religious purposes is fine -- my notion of Freedom of Religion is pretty wide open. This would include Native Americans using the carcasses of dead Bald Eagles from their reservations. If the current federal law does not permit this, it should be changed IMO. The federal government should NOT be involved in this factually narrow situation;

-- Native Americans should be allowed to kill healthy Bald Eagles on their Sovereign Soil if necessary for religious purposes. This might be controversial, but fishing for Salmon on their reservations has been approved in this way (fishing is killing, right?). Isn't this what Sovereign Soil is all about?;

To be clear -- the entire continent of (what we now call) North America must have been a wonderland for all native people for thousands of years! Many nights I dream of having lived in the times before The Others invaded from Europe and other areas.

Yes, "we" (not sure what you mean exactly by this term) have probably done enough. But to sancture the federal government to "do more," it seems to me, is NOT a great solution.

Actually, I doubt is there is a word for "native" in the ancient languages -- why would anyone refer to themselves as a native (in contrast to the "non-natives" who had not appeared yet)?

"Many Rivers to Cross" on this issue me thinks?

PS -- The photo of that dead Bald Eagle head from your link, up close, got caught in my throat, with a federal employee (one assumes) holding up what looks like an Onion PhotoShop joke. Did you not have a similar visceral reaction?

PS2 -- I object to zoos and and aquariums as licensed jails for animals.

Melanie 03/20/12 10:18 am Too many rivers for you, perhaps, but rather than reducing the dead Bald Eagle to just another dead bird that should be left to rot, I prefer to think that it still has a purpose to serve.

Actually I read the Onion frequently and that was the last thing that came to mind. I would not have chosen to run that particular picture, but my reaction was not visceral.

By "we" I am referring to Europeans who displaced Native Americans, Indians, or whatever term you choose to use. My understanding is they refer to themselves by their tribal affiliation and as such "Native American" is an artificial construct just as the Canadian term of "First Nation".

Regarding sovereign lands, that would indicate reservations, which would leave .2% (yes, that's 2/10 of a percent) of the US open for tribal hunts, restricting their chances of a successful hunt greatly.

Instead I have other questions, such as if there is such a high demand for parts as is claimed, why does there seem to be such a big inventory in the repository? But not a question that will be resolved.
Peter 03/20/12 04:08 pm Thanks Melanie for the reply. Yes, "other questions" indeed. The whole thing grosses me out.

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