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Thread subject: Osprey Landed at Loch of The Lowes
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/23/12 07:45 am An osprey landed at Loch of The Lowes. Is it Lady?
Pam 03/23/12 08:51 am It's all happening !!
Tiger 03/23/12 08:53 am I think it is Lady ok. Our Kelly got the ID first.
DaisyG 03/23/12 09:29 am Yes I definitely think it was her.
Anne-UK1 03/23/12 12:00 pm No! What amazing news. I just read the blog and from the description of her behaviour and their comments I thought it couldn't possibly be. I felt sad, then decided maybe she's still on her way against all the odds but truthfully was resigning myself to her not making it back this year.

Unbelievable news. Thanks both! I'm stunned.
Trishrg 03/23/12 01:30 pm Can someone post link to the blog?
I'm coming up empty.
Tiger 03/23/12 01:53 pm Trishrg SWT Blog
DaisyG 03/23/12 03:09 pm Have been watching the nest since the sighting this morning but no sign of her since. How disappointing.
Anne-UK1 03/23/12 03:27 pm Maybe she didn't fancy tackling the housework. Can't say I blame her. I wish SWT would hurry up and study those tapes and tell us if it is or isn't ....
Shelley 03/23/12 08:14 pm Is Lady tagged, for positive ID? Or are they just judging by behaviour, I can't remember
Anne-UK1 03/24/12 04:47 am No she's not tagged. They go by the unique mark in her eye.
Anne-UK1 03/24/12 06:37 am A second osprey landed this morning. Someone captured video. I am allowing myself to get a little excited - Link
Anne-UK1 03/24/12 06:52 am
Link to blog
Anne-UK1 03/24/12 07:32 am Just had close ups of the eyes from the latest visitor. No idea if this is the one from earlier today or another. Don't think it's Marge, I couldn't see marks in the eye and there seemed to be too many dark streaks on the head.

But I'll be very happy to be proved wrong.
Shelley 03/24/12 10:20 am What marks are there, what should we be looking for, exactly?
Anne-UK1 03/24/12 10:33 am It's a mark on her iris. They say it's similar to a fork of lightning. I've never been able to see that myself, but they know what they're looking for.

If you follow my link to the blog, there's a photo of Marge at the top with a good view of the eye. Certainly the female this morning had absolutely no marks on the iris at all that I could see.
Anne-UK1 03/24/12 10:37 am I've found what they say in their FAQs about id'ing her:-

Many of our staff and volunteers have been watching this bird for many years and are familiar with every detail of her plumage and markings and behaviour. There is also a unique characteristic we use to identify our resident female, which is a distinctive mark in her eye. On close examination there can be seen a distinct ‘lightning bolt’ mark in the yellow iris of the right eye. This is easily visible on our HD camera close ups and easy to compare with historical footage and photographs.

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