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Thread subject: A must-see Osprey video
Name Date Message
Pam 03/24/12 08:20 am Last year I watched the fishing pool webcam at Pohtiolampi quite a lot. I just discovered this video link on their website. A fantastic video by Garry Ridsdale which shows the strength, beauty and determination of the birds diving for fish. Sometimes the fish must weigh more than the birds. The strength of their wings and legs is truly amazing:
Garry Ridsdale video
Shelley 03/24/12 10:19 am Lovely! But am I having computer issues again or was it that the video wasn't entirely video? For the first 4 minutes, it appeared to be a slideshow of stills. Only after that was it actual video and not consistently, at that. At least, that's how it appeared on my screen. Still, it was pretty amazing stuff! Thanks for that link, Pam
Anne-UK1 03/24/12 10:47 am Great stuff, thanks Pam. Shelley there are some stills, but only 30 seconds or so. The video runs fine on my pc so I think maybe you have a few issues again.
Shelley 03/24/12 03:48 pm I think I need to start thinking about a new computer. This one is around 5 years old but I have been having more than a few issues lately. Sigh...
Lyn 03/24/12 04:40 pm Amazing video! The sizes of the fish caught were so big compared to the ospreys.
Anne-UK1 03/24/12 05:32 pm Shelley, did you ever try a different browser or are you still on IE?
Shelley 03/24/12 07:48 pm (ducking in embarrassment). Still with IE.....
Anne-UK1 03/25/12 04:18 am I thought you might be, lol. It might be worth trying something different before you go to the expense of a new computer. You never know, it could help.
Peter 03/25/12 08:19 am Shelley the slide show is about 2 minutes, so don't think you are having computer problems during this segment. You can hover your cursor over the video, "grab" the timeline slide at the bottom, and move it to the right to advance to the video (after your computer has received enough of the buffered files to let you advance at will).

Amazing footage! There were a couple of videos last year which were also outstanding, including one HUGE fish being dragged out of the water with great effort.
Peter 03/26/12 02:51 pm Here is the video from last year. Check out the size of the fish at the end!

Amazing Video

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