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Thread subject: Absolutely fantastic news! LotL :)))
Name Date Message
Anne-UK1 03/30/12 04:49 am Marge is back! Landed this morning - confirmed by the SWT that it is definitely her. I can't believe it.

Only saw her from the back and didn't know who it was, but thought to myself "I can accept this osprey" - went to the chat page and was absolutely stunned to read what they were saying.

She really is an incredible bird. Fingers crossed for a successful season this year.

Link to blog
Anne-UK1 03/30/12 04:58 am The Return :)
DaisyG 03/30/12 07:39 am Yes brilliant isn't it Anne :)
I didn't doubt she would be back. This is the same date as her 2008 return.
DaisyG 03/30/12 08:15 am LOL Marge now has new unringed toyboy! He even brought her a fish :)
Anne-UK1 03/30/12 09:56 am That's even better. I'd like to see 7Y back, but I'm just looking at the cam now and this new young man looks a nice chap. Doing a spot of housework just now too. Well done Marge!
Pamela 03/30/12 10:05 am Music to my ears to hear the news this morning.of Marge's return. She really is a miraculous bird :)
martyc35 03/30/12 04:40 pm OMG. Now, I think I might live to age 80. If she can do it, well...This is SO exciting! I am in tears.
Trishrg 03/30/12 11:54 pm Wow, such an amazing bird!!!
She's sleeping as I write this, her head tucked in her wing, standing facing away from the cam.
Just incredible news!!!!
Celeste 03/31/12 01:44 pm Wonderful, wonderful! Really good news!
vickinish 03/31/12 02:28 pm Just saw mating activity on the nest.
Anne-UK1 03/31/12 04:42 pm Apparently there's been rather a lot of that Vicki!

I'm wondering if the very warm weather we've had this past week is fooling our birds into thinking it's summer already and they need to get a move on. Lady was mating with this new boy as soon as he arrived, no question of waiting to see if Green 7Y returns - not even a question of saying "hello, do you catch many fish?" from what I can gather. He just landed and they got friendly right away. EJ seemed to accept the new male at LG pretty quickly too.

It seems we're going to have early laying and hatching this year, so I hope the weather stays fair from now on. So many eggs were lost last year from cold damp weather arriving at the wrong time, I'd hate to see a re-run.
Anne-UK1 03/31/12 04:57 pm Nice view just now of Lady Marge asleep on the edge of the nest with her head tucked under her wing. She definitely looks at home :)

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