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Thread subject: Happenings at Loch Garten
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/01/12 05:06 pm As some of you may know today has been a spectacular day at Loch Garten osprey wise.

EJ the female has been living in sin with lover boy Blue XD since 28th March. There was lots of speculation as to what would happen if and when the husband Odin turned up.

Well that hday came today and there were a few surprises in store. Firstly EJ turned violent with her lover when Odin arrived as if to pretend that she was not a willing participant in this union.

Anyway it seems as if Odin have been victorious but at what cost? Does Odin run the risk of bringing up some of blue XD's chicks?

For the blog see It has started
DaisyG 04/01/12 05:28 pm Well you can't blame her for trying Tiger :)
martyc35 04/01/12 05:30 pm I'm so glad to hear this from you, Tiger. A bird "specialist" on another site gave me what for for attributing "human behavior" to another bird (the one seeming to enjoy sliding down a roof in the snow). That person would be apoplectic about us saying that EJ's behavior toward her illicit lover was anything like what we saw. But we know EJ, and I think you are exactly right about what she was up to. Sneaky, isn't she? HaHa.
Tiger 04/01/12 05:40 pm When I first heard itI thought it was some sort of April Fool. But it wasn't.

Anne-UK1 04/01/12 06:09 pm Tiger, I've just been reading through the thread on the LG community forum. Someone says she cut Blue XD when she swiped at him. Is that right? With her talon presumably - hope he's not too badly injured. She'd made him welcome enough up until today - he didn't really deserve that, poor chap.

Delighted that Odin's returned though. His track record's been pretty good so far.
Peter 04/01/12 06:23 pm "Me thinks the lady doeth protest too much."

Attract -- select -- reject.

Attract -- select -- reject.

And the beat goes on in the natural world!
Tiger 04/02/12 05:42 am Roy Dennis gave an update on his nest yesterday. See Roy Dennis Update
Tiger 04/02/12 01:12 pm Something really strange has happened. EJ has been missing since early this morning.
Anne-UK1 04/02/12 02:28 pm I've only looked in a few times, but I haven't seen anyone on the nest all day. I wonder where she's gone? Hope she's okay!
Celeste 04/02/12 03:56 pm Oh the Drama begins! I hear music in the background:-)
Tiger 04/02/12 06:15 pm Well it is now snowing at Loch Garten and EJ has been away from the nest most of the day.
vickinish 04/03/12 01:56 am Indeed, a lovely snow covered nest. Does this imply snow at the other nests? I don't know how far apart they are but I always think of everything on your island as very near to everything else.
Anne-UK1 04/03/12 03:03 am There's snow on the nest at Loch of the Lowes this morning too. Not as much as they had at LG by the looks of it.

I didn't know how far it was between these two nests, but was surprised to find out from google that it's not much at all.

"Approximate distance in miles from Abernethy Great Britain to Dunkeld Great Britain (UK) is 19 miles or 30.57 Kilometers"

From looking at maps, I'd had it in my head they were quite some distance apart. Then again, I'm often easily fooled ;)
Anne-UK1 04/03/12 04:51 am EJ is around apparently. Sitting in the dead tree in preference to her snow covered (7 inches) nest this morning. Obviously doesn't want a frozen rear end and who can blame her ;) It does look very pretty though, with the sun glinting on it.

Another couple of days and temperatures should be back up to a reasonable level, according to the weather forecast. That'll do me - I've got the heating back on this morning here, it's gone a wee bit chilly.
martyc35 04/03/12 02:18 pm Good to hear that EJ is just being smart.
Tiger 04/04/12 02:16 am EJ could be quite close to laying eggs now. I wonder if she is saying "I wish I had given blue XD a miss"

BTW as far as we know Blue XD is indeed S18

Of course Green J is S06

and all the early tracked birds are here

I must have psychic powers since on the morning of 3 March I wrote a whole article about these birds On the RSPB
Anne-UK1 04/04/12 03:20 am Tiger, how did he go from black ring 8X to blue ring XD? Interesting to read that Green J helped to get Rutland Water's colony established. She's nearly as old as Marge too.

Thanks for the link to the early tracked birds. I was looking for that the other day with no success. I've bookmarked it now.
Tiger 04/04/12 07:15 am That is a very good question. Are on somewhere I can PM you? Failing that I will e-mail you.
Anne-UK1 04/04/12 06:33 pm Thanks Tiger - that sounds mysterious. I've only got email.

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