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Thread subject: Woods Hole
Name Date Message
Mare 04/10/12 10:32 am I haven't posted in a looong time, but had to tell you all, there's an osprey at Woods Hole right now! Mare
Kathy 04/10/12 12:11 pm Hi Mare...thanks for the heads up! Nice to see you post again.
Anne-UK1 04/10/12 12:20 pm Oh good. I looked in earlier today as well, but didn't see any signs of activity. Fingers crossed for a more productive season this year - that nice new cam hasn't seen much action so far.
Celeste 04/10/12 03:53 pm Hi Mare, NO kidding....was thinking of you recently, particularly since this was the time of year when Dennis disappeared (or so we thought cause he was off cam) for more than a day or two when there was an aggressive intruder at the nest! Hope all is well!
Pam 04/10/12 04:02 pm Just a sparrow when I looked in. I have kept checking but thought the Ospreys had given up on this nest so it was good to hear from you Mare that you had seen one today. Pity we can't see the front part of the nest. If there was a bird on the front edge I doubt we could see it.
Mare 04/10/12 07:04 pm Hi everyone, thanks for the kind words. A few mins after I posted about the one I saw, (who was sitting on the perch, just relaxing while standing on one leg), another osprey flew overhead, I could see it's shadow move across the nest. The osprey on the perch appeared upset by this and flew off, then the 2nd one landed on the nest. But only for a couple of mins, then that one also flew away. I watched for a few more mins, but neither returned and I haven't looked in since.

Celeste, I will never forget those few days, ever. I remember how happy we all were when Dennis returned. I thought of you the other day while on the train, we passed by the river and I saw an osprey hovering as he/she was about to dive. Darn train, I didn't get to see it, we passed on by. I was straining to see through the trees as we moved along. But that got me thinking about Betty and Dennis and those days when he was missing. I remembered talking to you on the phone that one morning, we were so worried!

I so miss that camera and watching Betty and Dennis. There are so many other great cams now, but for me, and I know for all of you, that one will always be very special. I especially loved watching it in the early mornings, when we could hear the local birds singing, watch the deer wander on by, hear the train whistles and watch Betty and Dennis raise their families every year.
Tiger 04/11/12 03:22 am Wow. Welcome back Mare. I have wondered where you disappeared to.

DaisyG 04/11/12 10:15 am Hi Mare, good to see you again :)
Melanie 04/11/12 11:52 am I have yet to find anyone home at WHOI except for the sparrows and the nest is always in such a state of disarray how could you know that someone is working on it?
Mare 04/11/12 06:55 pm Hi all, Melanie, I didn't say I saw the nest being "worked on." I saw an osprey on the perch for a little while. It flew off a few secs before the second one landed on the nest. The second osprey stayed about 2 mins and left. It never moved anything around on the nest. That's all.

I've seen the sparrows there and I have twice seen a Red Tailed Hawk there.
Melanie 04/11/12 10:13 pm Wasn't the red tail's presence there last year pretty much the reason the osprey didn't claim the nest last year? Sorry - the memory is getting a bit fuzzy.
Anne-UK1 04/12/12 12:06 pm My memory's fuzzy too, but I do recall something was too close for comfort. May have been the red tails.

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