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Thread subject: Plastic problem?
Name Date Message
Peter 04/13/12 05:24 pm My goodness, do we have a problem with disposal of plastic bags and so forth? This looks like a nest in the tird world!

Plastic problem?

Check out this photo from the East End of Long Island also:

Plastic problem redux?

Have a good weekend.
Shelley 04/13/12 05:31 pm Yikes, there is an osprey on the nest now, surrounded by 4 plastic items blowing in the breeze. How awful. I wonder why they (the osprey) don't remove them. Unless they aren't planning to use this nest for anything other than a rest stop.

Peter 04/13/12 05:48 pm Adaptation to "modern materials?" Why "shop" for local grasses, moss, leaves, etc. when your nest liner is delivered to your door? !!!

Check out the old movie, Soylent Green with Edward G. Robinson re: adaption to modern materials!
Anne-UK1 04/13/12 05:51 pm I just looked in and that osprey has got one bag caught round its left leg. Not good :(((
Anne-UK1 04/13/12 05:55 pm Oh thank goodness, it's managed to get it off now. I see there's some nice blue rope on the nest too.
Peter 04/13/12 06:31 pm Camera operator has zoomed in so that the nest detritus is not visible FYI.
Pam 04/14/12 05:25 am When I looked in at 5.23am local time (10.23am in England), the Osprey was sitting in several loops of rope. I hope it is not entangled. Until it flies off we won't know.
Pam 04/14/12 05:48 am Two birds there now...neither entangled thank goodness.
Tim P 04/14/12 07:09 am The plastic you see in the nest looks to be mylar helium balloons.
Anne-UK1 04/14/12 11:11 am You're right Tim, and the blue string seems to be tied to one of them. At least they're hanging over the side of the nest now, hopefully out of harm's way.
Peter 04/14/12 11:48 am It's not stopping some pretty frisky behavior this morning!

This nest is on the Jersey Shore I believe, and the helium balloon sales may be rising (no pun intended). One more reason to ban these polluting "toys" !!!
martyc35 04/14/12 05:03 pm Peter--King of the unintentional pun:-). It's ok, though, because on one of my other lists, every time somebody refers to the dirigible crash (see the balloon connection?) with the famous quote, "Oh, the humanity," someone else always chimes in with "Oh, the huge manatee." This always takes me back to the episode on WKRP Cincinnati, when the boss tries dumping turkeys out of a helicopter for a Thanksgiving promotional stunt. Les, the newsman, witnessing the turkeys dropping like lead balloons, all over the parking lot, cries, "Oh the humanity!"
Video link HERE
Peter 04/14/12 05:18 pm A great show indeed.


I can imagine that the parking lot full of the dropped turkeys was an offal situation indeed.
martyc35 04/14/12 06:12 pm Groan.
Peter 04/14/12 06:35 pm Yes I am a groan man I guess!

Have a good evening.
Anne-UK1 04/17/12 05:22 pm I think they may have an egg. Looks like there's a stick in a bad place though making inclubating difficult. When I looked in just now both birds were standing looking down into the nest cup as if they didn't quite know what to do.

Also an article on those darned balloons - Link
Peter 04/18/12 06:58 pm Arrggghhhh !!!

Now blue fish net right under the Mom's beak, but a fairly small piece. Still it would be easy to get caught up in this.

Egg looks OK.

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