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Thread subject: The difficult season -- Dunedin
Name Date Message
Peter 04/14/12 11:43 am Now we enter the difficult time of year, when the weaker chicks often suffer. The Dunedin runt may not be holding his or her own IMO. The older chick has been whoopin' her/him at feeding times, and there is a pronounced size difference. Hang in there, little one!

Anne-UK1 04/14/12 04:43 pm Hope the little one makes it. What's the age difference?
Peter 04/14/12 05:06 pm Three days I believe. Today was a rough one. Mom fed mainly the older chick, and offered food to the runt, but only from a distance, as if to make her reach out for it, which she was not able to do. The difference in size is marked. Sigh.
Anne-UK1 04/14/12 06:33 pm Yes, I noticed there is a bit difference in size. I see there's an egg still there too - I guess it would be best if that one doesn't hatch now.

Shelley 04/14/12 07:05 pm On the other hand, the eaglets at Decorah are growing in leaps and bounds. Also 3, but the first 2 hatched within 24 hours of each other and the small one is fine.

It's hard to watch when one is weak and the others gang up on it. I remember it from DPOF. :-(
vickinish 04/15/12 12:48 am Sadly all three of the eaglets at Fort St Vrain were lost. The first one ventured out to the edge and probably got too cold. And then the other two did not survive a wet, cold day.
Anne-UK1 04/15/12 02:43 am Oh that is sad Vicki :(
Peter 04/15/12 10:10 am Dunedin's little one may have left us overnight. Mom is feeding the larger chick, and the other is nowhere to be seen at this moment.

To Everything There Is a Season . . .
Anne-UK1 04/15/12 04:32 pm I think I see it left of the egg - it's white stripe runs vertically. No sign of movement though so I fear you may be right.

Has there been a shortage of food at this nest?

Edit; I just had a look at the nest notes. The chicks hatched within one day of each other (29th and 30th March) and looked pretty close in size in the early photos.

Now one seems to have gone and the other doesn't look too plump to me either. I think there must have been some problem at this nest?
Anne-UK1 04/16/12 09:13 am I just looked in and I take back all I said about the bigger chick. Must have been the camera angle yesterday because today he's lying beside the body of the little chick and the size difference is huge. So there must be enough food for one chick at least, and he looks to be doing just fine.
Anne-UK1 04/16/12 09:15 am And in the few minutes it took me to post that last message, it looks as if the little one has been removed. An adult is at the side of the nest, with the big chick right behind, and all I can see is the egg in the middle now.

Can't see the adult's head so I can only guess that it has dropped the little one over the edge, but that would seem to make sense.
Peter 04/16/12 11:15 am Yes, Sparky the moderator confirmed the death of C2 on either Saturday night or Sunday morning. Between her death, and the non-viable egg, there may have been a food problem?

Or, many times weeks ago I noticed the mother sitting on the egg, in considerable distress apparently from other osprey flying nearby. This area I am told has many resident ospreys who do not migrate. Is it possible that the stress of defending the nest during incubation could affect the health of and egg or chick?
Anne-UK1 04/16/12 01:26 pm Time spent defending is time not spent feeding chicks I suppose, so yes that theory makes sense to me.
Peter 04/18/12 05:41 pm Sparky the moderator advises that in her opinion the parents are always nearby keeping watch, often from the perch which is just out of view of the camera.

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