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Thread subject: Estonian Ospreys
Name Date Message
srichmond 04/27/12 01:55 pm I've been a lurker on the message board for several years. I miss the cam very much; it was my favorite.

I have been watching several cams at this website ( over the last several years (white-tailed eagles, black storks). This year they added two osprey cams that are just wonderful. Enjoy!

Trishrg 04/27/12 05:46 pm Hey Sylvia
Thanks for the link. It's dark there now, but I will check out later.
terryo 04/28/12 05:44 pm Tks Sylvia for the link, never been to Estonia birdland before. Appreciate the link.
srichmond 04/29/12 02:24 am FYI: There is a 10-hour time difference from the West coast so I watch at night and early morning.
vickinish 04/29/12 12:26 pm Same for me Sylvia, lots of dusk and dawn visits for me at the various European cams.

This Estonian Osprey cam is terrific. Excellent camera position, very clear, great sound. The resident osprey is on now doing a lot of vocalizing, "come play with me" I suppose.
vickinish 04/29/12 12:43 pm Aha, it worked! A male arrived and mating took place. This will be a nice cam to watch. Thanks so much Sylvia.
Celeste 04/29/12 05:15 pm Thank you! And welcome Sylvia!
cathleen 04/29/12 07:48 pm This is a lovely cam to watch - unreal in its detail, and having sound, too. I was watching intruder activity and mating today. The male seemed unmoved by her begging calls but then, she did seem to have a full crop! :) She kept looking down into the nest cup and it made me wonder if she is getting ready to lay...
martyc35 04/30/12 03:22 am Thank you for this link, Sylvia. It's so great to have close detail and sound again. Takes me back!
Lyn 04/30/12 12:26 pm Just got the site link and went to it and it's one of my favorite new cams. Live, clear and sound! Missed the Osprey chirrping sounds!
vickinish 04/30/12 02:01 pm Question for those of you more expert than I. The male, ring on right leg, seems to copulate, or try to, and then assumes what looks like a submissive posture, wings spread like a mini-mantling. Is that familiar behavior to you cam watchers?

I also see him in the nest doing a lot of furniture arranging. I always thought the female was more into that behavior.

Terrific pictures and sound, wish I didn't have a 10 hour time difference.
martyc35 04/30/12 03:02 pm Yes, I noticed the interior decorator side of our guy there, but Mrs. seemed to approve, so I guess whatever they want:-). Yes, also, Dennis used to mantle after the act. Protective or a little prayer, I don't know. One thing to note, their being northern ospreys, both have a lot of coloring on the breast.
srichmond 04/30/12 03:40 pm Yes, lots of mating and furniture rearranging and bringing new furniture by the male. I also was surprised, thinking the female would do more of it. But, whatever keeps them happy. Keeping my fingers crossed for eggs soon!
vickinish 04/30/12 03:44 pm Marty - "A little prayer", very funny.

There is an active forum for this nest with lots of screen captures. Some of you might want to jump in there, your knowledge would be appreciated.
cathleen 05/02/12 07:03 am vickinish - We have often seen the mantling behavior in males after mating. One explanation is a reflexive possessive behavior towards the nest and his Missus. I see it as,
"It's MINE, all MINE...."

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